I WILL Grow Up…And So Should You

Wait.  Hold up.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up.  No more bedtimes, no more bullies, no more bullshit.

And then I grew up.
And guess what.

No more bedtimes, no more bullies, no more bullshit.

Being an adult is vastly superior to being a kid.  Granted, please take this with a grain of salt, as I work in a candy store and live in New York City, which is basically Disneyland, for grown-ups.  I spend my days feeding candy to strangers and telling jokes, and in my free time I get to do WHATEVER I WANT.  Stay up late playing Settlers of Catan?  Done.  Order cheese fries delivered to my door?  Three clicks of a mouse.  Build a fort with blankets?  Even easier as an adult than as a child, thanks to adult height, tools, and engineering know-how.  Clip that shit together and let’s order some cheese fries for this game of Catan we’re about to play in our super bitchin’ blanket fort, yo.

To hear people yearn for a simpler time of their youths, I have to wonder if they aren’t fully embracing all the opportunities that are currently available to them.  Instead of looking into the past, look to the present and stop worrying about the future.

3 responses to “I WILL Grow Up…And So Should You”

  1. There are *some* things I miss about being a kid. Mainly, the lack of responsibility. Other than that I proudly put on my big girl underoos every day.. and then hop into my pillow fort.

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