Valentine’s Day is Coming Up and That Means…

…Oh don’t look at me so coyly.  Even the weekly Target ad had a two-page spread of lingerie.  Roses, candles, chocolates…and on top of that, it’s cold outside.  Need to generate heat somehow and hey, here’s an idea, turn up this playlist to block out the neighbor’s repetitive playing of the same song they’ve been playing at full blast on repeat since Christmas.

Gettin' It On by MeghanSara on Grooveshark

Now, I am known for a couple of things.  And one of those things is making a damn good playlist.  Several friends (hello, friends!) have even asked me (some on multiple occassions) to guide them in making a good playlist to get it on to.  It’s a gift.  Try it out tonight – but don’t blame me if you’re late to work on Monday morning!


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  1. I might. I just might see where this takes me.

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