Thanks for the Consideration, MTA

Apparently, according to the MTA, the biggest problem facing New Yorkers is NOT the rising costs, the decrease in service, the unpredictability of the trains, higher cost and less service.  It’s people getting hit by trains.

People.  Getting hit.  By trains.

Something that usually only happens of one’s own volition, or due to complete human stupidity.

As a result, we are being bombarded by informative suggestions over the P.A. systems on trains and in stations to “avoid the edge of the platform” and “if you drop something onto the tracks, leave it.”  Well, duh.

The second biggest problem?  I know what you’re thinking.  People shoving?  Taking up multiple seats by themselves by putting bags on the seats?  Screaming babies going ignored by parents?

If you guessed “holding the doors,” then, you would be right.  At least, according to my train conductor this evening:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an important message from the MTA.
It is in violation to hold the doors of the train while the train is in the station.
That means do not put your feet, hands, packages,
children, pets, or grandparents in the doors.
We’re trying to get you where you’re going three minutes sooner.
Thank you for your attention to this very important matter:
consideration for others.”

Maybe, on the subject of consideration for others, we can talk about letting passengers off the train before shoving our way onto the train?

Thanks for the consideration.

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  1. cindspectus says:

    "Bombarded" is the perfect word for this! It's incredibly frustrating when I see that there is a delay, but rather than there being an announcement over the PA, when I hear the "bum bum bum" it's just ANOTHER announcement saying not to jump into the tracks. We get it.

    I'm hoping this is just temporary after those few awful incidences, and that in a few months all will be back to normal.

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