Slangin’ Tough

While I’m on vacation, I have prepared a series of vlogs (slang for “video blogs”) FYE – For Your Entertainment.  Today’s topic:  SLANG! Here are five slang words or expressions I use to season my everyday conversation.  They are delicious.  Feel free to use them.          Credit the source. First up: […]

If You Only Have Five Minutes to Live

You know those weird religious recruitment pamphlets that people slide under your apartment door?  (No, you don’t get those?  That’s weird.  Cuz yeah, THAT’S weird.)  Well, it gave me an idea: What would you do if: – you knew you only had five minutes to live? – you just found[…]

Sharing is Caring…NOT

I consider myself a very sharing person.  Therefore, I am a very CARING person.  But you have to draw the line somewhere: Are you an over-sharer?  Or do you refuse to share?  Is it weird that I don’t like sharing any of these things? “Share” in the comments!

…Love and Tenderness

I am very impatient by nature.  I like to solve problems.  It’s what I do!  Having participated in Odyssey of the Mind (“a creative problem-solving competition”) for seven years, I always believe that there is an elegant and swift solution to any problem.  And that I can find it.  And[…]

Dream A Little Dream

I was 23.  I was in love.  And I was on top of the world.  Figuratively and, it seemed, literally as well.  I would drive to the top of the highest hill in my neighborhood and look down at the sleepy town below, pulling over to the curb and putting[…]

Currently…in February 2013

Loving:  The “warmer” weather!  I only wore ONE pair of leggings under my pants today.  And three shirts.  But it smelled like spring! Music:  Portishead Portishead Portishead. And this: Reading:  Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion Wanting: Everything at Bath & Body Works in the Aromatherapy Orange Ginger collection.  I got[…]

Learning to Love the Cyborg Within

On the subject of irrational fears, check out this fortune cookie I received the other day: The thing in us that we fear?  I don’t know about you, but the thing I fear most is robots.  Sorry, Rosie. Source: Uploaded by user via Devin on Pinterest Yup, robots.  Specifically, very[…]

Get Creative!

This.  THIS.  Is my favourite YouTube video of all time.  I dare you to watch it to the very end.

Christmas Tradtitions: Feliz Navidad

My family can be described unfavourably as just a wee bit competitive. Take Christmas, for example.  Because someone always tries.  With the best gift, the most outrageous cookies, the most festive holiday sweater. And then, there’s the family-wide radio contest that has made me jump inside my skin whenever I[…]

30DHN: A Skill I’d Like to Learn

Many people say they wish they had the ability to juggle, metaphorically. I would really just like to juggle. I would love to be able to perform on demand that feat of lightness and whimsy.  I may just be a collector of parlor tricks and jokes, but it seems to[…]

30DHN: A Favourite Movie

For Day 2 of 30 Days Hath November, we are supposed to write about a favourite movie.  Everyone knows my two favourites.  Hedwig and the Angry Inch, because it’s tattooed on my arm.  And Gone With the Wind, because duh, I’m totally Scarlett O’Hara.  But whenever I am sick, or[…]

Bad Reputation

I am getting somewhat of a reputation at work. For better or for worse, the month of August has been one of me coming even further out of my shell.  Having “lost” so much this month (and still not having anywhere to live next month, eek!), I have more of[…]

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Bonnie at Life of Bon is hosting a sweet link-up today!  And since my internet is working again, I have rejoined the world.  Now I get to pretend to rule it. First order of business, the internet always works!  How do you like me so far? Also, 24-hour laundromats.  Guess[…]

Addicted to Pugs

Man, today was ROUGH!  I woke up with a headache, fever, the WORKS!  I’m not entirely up to speed, but one thing that always makes me feel better and indeed, is helping turn about a swift recovery, is PUGS. Source: Uploaded by user via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest I consider the[…]

Bronx Zoo – The Zoo of Your Dreams

New York City is the city of dreamers…why should the zoo be any different? Like this bear, who dreams of being taller! And the peacock, who dreams of being revered.  Look at this pose! The mouse who dreams of a nose job…poor mousey. The snake, who dreams of being a[…]

Things I’m Digging On Lately

I’m completely enamored of Sophie Blackall’s Arts for Transit project, Missed Connections on the New York subway.  I saw it on the F train on Thursday, and couldn’t decide who was my favourite!  The matchy-match suit guys, the scene kids in the left corner, or the balloon reading over someone’s[…]