Not For Typical Girls

If you have an hour and a half to kill watching some amazing rock and roll documentary, may I suggest this one? Last year, it seemed as though punk was all the rage, with the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met, and all the imitators.  What I love about punk is that it…

3 AM

I don’t know if it’s stress, or neighbors, or some weird biological fault of mine, but for the past few weeks as far back as I can remember, I have been waking up at 3am every morning. Oh, I must be lonely.  That must be it. And when I say “awake,” I mean AWAKE.  Like,…

Epic Rap Battles of History

Mad rhymes for your Tuesday morning.  Epic Rap Battles of History pits famous historical and cultural figures against one another.  What do you think? 1.  Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader I think Darth Vader totally won this one!  What do you think? 2.  Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates Bill Gates, totally! 3.  Doctor Seuss vs….

Poo-Pourri: I Am Not Making This Shit Up

I finally saw the full ad for Poo-Pourri, a product that promises to completely eliminate toilet odors from your life forever and ever.  It’s real.  And apparently, it works, too. But watching the video left me with a crappy feeling.  Here’s another company trying to make money off our insecurities, screamed my gut.  Look, fact…

Sunday Morning

Today, the world lost a rock and roll legend.  Lou Reed, frontman of The Velvet Underground, passed away at 71 years young. Rest in Peace.


It’s here it’s here!Today is the first day I am attending ComicCon!Tomorrow, expect pictures. But for today… Enjoy this crazy video that I can’t stop watching.


Okay, I have said it before, but this video needs to be shared! 

My Baby

So I have been working on this theory that tattoos are like babies.  They’re both really delicate at first.  And both usually warrant a lot of SPF this time of year.  Well, see what I mean: Parents?Tattooed folk?Whaddaya think???

Slangin’ Tough

While I’m on vacation, I have prepared a series of vlogs (slang for “video blogs”) FYE – For Your Entertainment.  Today’s topic:  SLANG! Here are five slang words or expressions I use to season my everyday conversation.  They are delicious.  Feel free to use them.          Credit the source. First up:  PTFO PTFO = Pass The…

If You Only Have Five Minutes to Live

You know those weird religious recruitment pamphlets that people slide under your apartment door?  (No, you don’t get those?  That’s weird.  Cuz yeah, THAT’S weird.)  Well, it gave me an idea: What would you do if: – you knew you only had five minutes to live? – you just found out that you only had…

Sharing is Caring…NOT

I consider myself a very sharing person.  Therefore, I am a very CARING person.  But you have to draw the line somewhere: Are you an over-sharer?  Or do you refuse to share?  Is it weird that I don’t like sharing any of these things? “Share” in the comments!

…Love and Tenderness

I am very impatient by nature.  I like to solve problems.  It’s what I do!  Having participated in Odyssey of the Mind (“a creative problem-solving competition”) for seven years, I always believe that there is an elegant and swift solution to any problem.  And that I can find it.  And solve it. What frustrates me…