…Love and Tenderness

I am very impatient by nature.  I like to solve problems.  It’s what I do!  Having participated in Odyssey of the Mind (“a creative problem-solving competition”) for seven years, I always believe that there is an elegant and swift solution to any problem.  And that I can find it.  And solve it.

What frustrates me is when there are problems that I can’t solve.  Things that take – groan – TIME.  I’m always looking for a solution:  a Band-Aid here, an aspirin there, a little duct tape and a hairtie and Voila!  Problem solved!

The hardest lesson I am trying to teach myself lately is patience.  That in time, scars and bruises will fade, and cuts will heal.  That instead of chugging coffee, I should take a nap to feel rested.  That it’s okay to take a moment to find a solution, instead of banging my head into each new obstacle.  That “this, too, shall pass.”

My new mantra lately, for when things go wrong, is this:

Today, it is what it is.
Tomorrow, it will be better.

So far, it’s actually very comforting and helpful!

And now, Michael Bolton drops some wisdom:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhEoQUSU6Mo]

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