Slangin’ Tough

While I’m on vacation, I have prepared a series of vlogs (slang for “video blogs”) FYE – For Your Entertainment.  Today’s topic:  SLANG!

Here are five slang words or expressions I use to season my everyday conversation.  They are delicious.  Feel free to use them.          Credit the source.

First up:  PTFO

PTFO = Pass The F— Out.  Usually used in text when your eyes are shutting and you can barely type to excuse yourself politely from conversation, also used to describe falling suddenly asleep without any warning.

Two of my favourite words:  “Right?!” and “Really?”

“Right?!” of course means “WRONG!”, but it’s a way of agreeing with someone you’re not comfortable agreeing with when you have no choice but to agree with them.  For instance, to appease a crazy person.  Or, if someone is behaving rudely in a professional setting, and your job depends upon making a show of agreement.  Speaking of rude behaviour, “Really?!” is my favourite way of pointing out someone’s rudeness publicly.  Sometimes I just do the gesture, the shrug gesture, at people?  It gets the point across.

Finally, two lovely terms I would not have in my lexicon were it not for my friend Matt:

Wow.  That’s quite a face in the thumbnail image!  Anywhozlebees, now you know, and you can steal my words!  Credit the souce.  RIGHT?!?!

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