Five Albums: Double Fantasy

Three chimes.   Double Fantasy is a meditative experience. It plays like a story of a relationship which begins in the middle — a genius move that lends itself brilliantly to playing it over and over, to “start over” again and again. Lennon’s gift for songwriting is undoubtedly enhanced by his relationship with[…]

Carrie’s Side

Mom: “Hi Carrie, how was school today?” Carrie:  “Fine.  We drew pictures of our families…but I’m worried about my friend Cindy.” Mom:  Oh?  Why is that? Carrie: “Well, it was Tyler’s birthday today, so his dad brought in cupcakes, but Cindy couldn’t have any.  She had to sit in the[…]

#WomenNotObjects ALMOST Gets It Right

Participation ribbon time:  You had me until the 2:08 mark, #WomenNotObjects. This video appealing (to men, ostensibly) to treat women as more than objects means well and almost gets it right – until it (HERE WE GO AGAIN) reminds the viewer (men, ostensibly) that “I am your…“ in order to[…]

Guys and Dolls: Feminism and the Moschino Barbie Ad

Remember this Barbie commercial, which came out in October?  You know, the totally inspirational one with the feminist message?: No, not the one where grown adults laughed at little girls acting as though they could be anything they wanted to be. I’m talking about this one!: Why?  Because the first[…]


Loathe as I am to even grant this video more views than it already has, I watched it yesterday through my fingers, with all the lights on, covering my mouth in advance of the vomit I felt rising in my throat.  It’s less than six minutes long, but it’s the[…]

VLOG!!! “What’s Wrong With Telling Women To Smile?”

I will never stop being amazed at people who don’t understand why it’s not okay to tell women to smile.  So, I decided to take it to the video, and break it down for you!  And them!  And the world!  Ooooooh-kay, so you’re probably asking yourself, “What IS wrong with[…]


So, I posted here that a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to perform as “background” on a pilot that was shooting in NYC!  Here’s what I learned: CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve been cast as WOMAN AT BAR in the exciting pilot production of UNTITLED PILOT TBA !!!  You’ve got a[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Songs That Changed My Life

I had to think really hard about this prompt, because music is such a huge part of my life!  It’s hard to pick those benchmark songs that mean the most, so sticking to theme, I’m picking the songs that marked a change in course, or really made me someone new. […]

5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Movies

1.  A Charlie Brown Christmas  you knew I was gonna bust this one out right out of the gate.  My Snoopy love is well-known and this has all the elements:  Charlie Brown feeling bad for himself, Lucy charging five cents for Psychiatric Help, Snoopy mackin’ on the ladies…and the most[…]

Strawberry Fields Forever

My favourite December tradition is to go to Strawberry Fields on December 8th and sing around the Imagine mosaic.  This year’s crowd was as chill as the weather and I barely noticed that I spent nearly two hours outside in the cold singing allllll the hits, up to and including[…]


Ladies and gentlemen, my esteemed readership:  as you read this I am waking up in my childhood home, probably hours before anyone else, debating whether it’s worth waking the dog to trek downstairs to frustrate myself attempting to operate the coffee maker.  In the meantime, please help yourself to some[…]

Bo Knows Comedy

Bo Burnham is not only adorable.  He’s also hysterical. Bo Burnham’s standup special “what.” is available to stream instantly on The Netflix.  It’s also on YouTube if you’re a Luddite and don’t believe in Netflix, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you.  Basically, it’s avant-garde, hilarious, and probably[…]

Not For Typical Girls

If you have an hour and a half to kill watching some amazing rock and roll documentary, may I suggest this one? Last year, it seemed as though punk was all the rage, with the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met, and all the imitators.  What I love[…]

3 AM

I don’t know if it’s stress, or neighbors, or some weird biological fault of mine, but for the past few weeks as far back as I can remember, I have been waking up at 3am every morning. Oh, I must be lonely.  That must be it. And when I say[…]

Epic Rap Battles of History

Mad rhymes for your Tuesday morning.  Epic Rap Battles of History pits famous historical and cultural figures against one another.  What do you think? 1.  Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader I think Darth Vader totally won this one!  What do you think? 2.  Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates Bill Gates,[…]

Poo-Pourri: I Am Not Making This Shit Up

I finally saw the full ad for Poo-Pourri, a product that promises to completely eliminate toilet odors from your life forever and ever.  It’s real.  And apparently, it works, too. But watching the video left me with a crappy feeling.  Here’s another company trying to make money off our insecurities,[…]

Sunday Morning

Today, the world lost a rock and roll legend.  Lou Reed, frontman of The Velvet Underground, passed away at 71 years young. Rest in Peace.


It’s here it’s here!Today is the first day I am attending ComicCon!Tomorrow, expect pictures. But for today… Enjoy this crazy video that I can’t stop watching.


Okay, I have said it before, but this video needs to be shared! 

My Baby

So I have been working on this theory that tattoos are like babies.  They’re both really delicate at first.  And both usually warrant a lot of SPF this time of year.  Well, see what I mean: Parents?Tattooed folk?Whaddaya think???