Bad Reputation

I am getting somewhat of a reputation at work.

For better or for worse, the month of August has been one of me coming even further out of my shell.  Having “lost” so much this month (and still not having anywhere to live next month, eek!), I have more of a devil-may-care attitude towards everything else.  Blind dating.  Talking to co-workers.  Chatting up strangers.

Apparently, several people at work have noticed my constant pep.  I dance every second of the day.  I have to shout over the music and I make dramatic gestures.  I adore my job and I’m working hard at it.  Management has been giving me the thumbs up – I’m doing my job well, and I’m pretty fun to be around.

Hence, I have some haters.

Let me tell you something about haters.  Haters are jealous.  They see you getting attention and they want to steal your thunder.  Your pizzazz.  Your momentum.  If you let them make you tone it down, stop dancing, stop smiling, they win.  And you, by default, lose.  Don’t let the haters win.

And don’t give a damn about your bad reputation.


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  1. Love this post! And you are adorable. I need someone to cut my bangs just like yours! And I agree… People are always going to be negative and hate for whatever reason. I try to just remember that everybody is fighting their own battles and to not take it personally. I found you through brookes link up and I'm so excited to follow along!

    New follower

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