Things I’m Digging On Lately

I’m completely enamored of Sophie Blackall’s Arts for Transit project, Missed Connections on the New York subwayI
saw it on the F train on Thursday, and couldn’t decide who was my
favourite!  The matchy-match suit guys, the scene kids in the left
corner, or the balloon reading over someone’s shoulder!

I am so in love with the black Converse that I bought for work shoes, I
have been wearing them on my days off!  I’m worried my aubergine pair
will get jealous!

I have discovered moisturizer, and it is GOOD.  Neutrogena oil-free
combination skin moisturizer, though I maintain my complexion is not
“combination” but “confused” (prize to the reader who gets my reference)
and it is goooooood you guys.

Pandora radio has been coming through for me big time lately.  I have
never (please don’t make fun of me) never listened to The Smiths before,
until Pandora introduced me and I. Am. Hooked.

So who’s your new favourite artist?  Musician?  Shoe?  Face product?

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