Guys and Dolls: Feminism and the Moschino Barbie Ad

Remember this Barbie commercial, which came out in October?  You know, the totally inspirational one with the feminist message?:


No, not the one where grown adults laughed at little girls acting as though they could be anything they wanted to be.

I’m talking about this one!:


Why?  Because the first Barbie ad focuses on girls.  Girls and dolls.  It just regurgitates what everyone knows is Feminism 101: Girls Can Do Anything They Want To Do.

When does it get next-level?  Guys and Dolls.  Yep:  acknowledging that boys play with dolls, and encouraging it, too.  Think about it:  it’s 2015.  Isn’t it about damn time?

You see, Feminism isn’t just about girls having the choices.  It’s about guys, too.  Smashing the patriarchy doesn’t just mean that women are no longer bound by the rules of traditional female roles.  Though that is important, too.  Feminism also means that anyone regardless of gender expression has the right to express themselves however they choose. 

That includes guys…and dolls.

Toys:  For Kids To Play With.  What A Revolutionary Idea.
image via Pinterest

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