Ladies and gentlemen, my esteemed readership:  as you read this I am waking up in my childhood home, probably hours before anyone else, debating whether it’s worth waking the dog to trek downstairs to frustrate myself attempting to operate the coffee maker.  In the meantime, please help yourself to some posts from last year’s vacation video bonanza!

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Sharing is Caring…Not

If You Only Have Five Minutes to Live

Slangin’ Tough

My Baby

Wow, look how weird I looked last year!  Can you believe how LONG AGO that was?  And all that’s transpired since then? Oh man is it WEIRD looking back…

But going forward, I plan on taking many pictures, drinking many glasses of sweet white wine, dancing and enjoying Anderson’s Custard to celebrate my inevitable crushing defeat at mini golf at Adventure Landing.  And then landing in inevitable defeat as I come to realize that Vacation Isn’t All That

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