Never Read The Comments

. Cheese and crackers, guys!  I thought I’d scraped the absolute bottom of the Internet, but it turns out there are even more frozen layers than I realized! Since I started my internship, I’ve been learning so much about online journalism!  Namely, to never, ever, ever read the comments!  Here[…]

You Should See Me Climb Stairs

I really don’t know who first said, “If you think that’s impressive, you should see me climb stairs.”  I spent actual time Googling that quote, and I can’t seem to find its true origin, so I’ve decided that it’s a thing my dad used to say.  It sounds like a[…]

QUIZ! Which #Squad Should You Hang With?

1.  What types of activities do your #squad typically enjoy doing? A.  We get into all sorts of trouble.  Like, literal trouble. B.  Dishing about our sex lives! C.  Something courageous and selfless, aww. D.  Dishing about our sex lives…or should I say, lack thereof. 2.  What food do you[…]

5 Fandom Friday: You Said It

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is inspired by la langue de geek, it’s those geeky phrases by which we all identify each other and converse by droppin catchphrases yo! 1.  “It’s in the frackin’ ship!”  oh man, this more than probably any is my favourite to whip out during parties. […]

5 Fandom Friday: Comfort Films

I am so excited for this week because as soon as I saw the prompt, I knew exactly which films I was going to write about.  So does this mean “comfort films” are a thing?  Because I definitely have some movies I’ve watched over and over again to the point[…]

5 Fandom Friday: I Heart U & U

Ah, swooning over fictional couples, a time-honoured fandom tradition!  Nothing like the perfect romance that can only exist in stories to make your actual life seem like crap.  And that’s why we love it!  1.  Lazarus Long and Adorable Dora, Time Enough For Love by Robert A. Heinlein  tl:dr version:[…]

Time Enough For Love

There are some Heinlein books that are speedy, breezy adventures.  Others will take over your life, seep into your soul, refuse to let go, wrong you out like a sponge and then sop you full of brilliance.  Time Enough for Love may be the epitome of such a novel. Confession:[…]

The Kindness of Strangers

As he stepped up to the cash register I stood behind, he hooked the cane he had used to make his way to me slowly over his forearm.  He was strikingly handsome, for a man easily more than double my age.  His face hung from high cheekbones, pure white hair[…]

As Though You Have Never Been Hurt Before

I’m sure you’ve all seen this quote before: I know I’ve seen this quote a bunch and I always dismissed it as being a little bit insipid.  Oh yeah, live life with abandon, blah blah blah.  Of course, now I appreciate the last line a little more as an Atheist. […]

Reality Check

What really sucks about death is that it shows us how much we take for granted. My own dear father recently lamented that he’d always imagined growing old surrounded by the ones he loved, when a scare showed him that such a future might not be possible.  Death is that[…]

Blogtember #3: Like My Father Always Says…

There is, at my parents’ house, a trivet sitting on the stove, belonging to my father and bearing this Elbert Hubbard quote: Source: As a kid, I thought it was funny.   Redundant. “Well, of course you don’t make it out alive… That’s the point!” As an adult, the saying[…]

Always Find A Reason

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s a quote floating around out there somewhere that goes a little something like: “Unhappy people will always find a reason to be unhappy.Happy people will always find a way to be happy.” If not, well, you heard it here first.  I’ll happily be[…]

Requiem Maria

One of my favourite things to do on my long walks up Broadway is to spy on people eating in restaurants.  I adore Broadway from 72nd to 116th Streets, it’s like a whole world unto itself, and the variety of eateries therein is vast and fascinating.  There are solemn, polite[…]

I WILL Grow Up…And So Should You

Wait.  Hold up. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up.  No more bedtimes, no more bullies, no more bullshit. And then I grew up. And guess what. No more bedtimes, no more bullies, no more bullshit. Being an adult is vastly superior to being a kid. […]

The Write Stuff

A lot of blogs I know have been linking up with Joelle at Something Charming for this cool handwriting post.  I love it because I think handwriting is very intimate.  Someone’s handwriting can tell volumes about them, you know?  My dad is vivacious and lives life to the fullest.  He[…]

30DHN: Three Inspirational Quotes

My roommate and I have several inspirational quotes we live by: Don’t stand on the folding chairs. No boy (except David Bowie) is worth crying over. Don’t date the vegans, because they will always judge you. But these are good, too: Source: via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest Source: via[…]

Oh, My…Seeing Stars

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

All You Single Ladies!

Attention, “Females”! Don’t despair in being single and lonely!  Come to New York City, where “maybe romance” is just around the corner! Well-adjusted men with not just one, but TWO telephone numbers are waiting to meet YOU for “one nite stands” at such classy cultural establishments as “the library,” “bookstore,”[…]


Beauty is difference. Without difference, there is no beauty, only “averageness.” – me

Let me take you down, cuz I’m going to…

Visiting Strawberry Fields in Central Park is a religious experience. I’ve been thinking a lot about life, and how simple it all really is. I’m not a philosopher, or a psychologist – you may say, I’m a dreamer – but I have this new theory that I’ve been working on. […]