The Write Stuff

A lot of blogs I know have been linking up with Joelle at Something Charming for this cool handwriting post.  I love it because I think handwriting is very intimate.  Someone’s handwriting can tell volumes about them, you know?  My dad is vivacious and lives life to the fullest.  He writes in all capital letters:

My mom is traditional and artistic.  Her handwriting is meticulous and feminine:

My Grandmother has studied and is an expert at calligraphy and painting.  She adores the Victorian style and is proper and refined.  Her handwriting is romantic, delicate, and fragile:

My handwriting may be a mix of all of these, or not at all.  It changes every day.  For the link-up, we had to write, in our own penmanship:

– our name and signature
– our blog’s name
– our location
– favourite song lyrics or quote

Here is what I came up with:

Now you’ve seen my dirty messy scribble.  Go post your own.

Let me leave you with a little advice:

Write it Down


3 responses to “The Write Stuff”

  1. See, yours I like. I kind of felt like I was looking at my own. Which is weird.

  2. Did you know — I used to study graphology. Your sample is interesting…..

  3. Mine is a mixture of different handwriting too! 😀
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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