QUIZ! Which #Squad Should You Hang With?

1.  What types of activities do your #squad typically enjoy doing?

A.  We get into all sorts of trouble.  Like, literal trouble.

B.  Dishing about our sex lives!

C.  Something courageous and selfless, aww.

D.  Dishing about our sex lives…or should I say, lack thereof.

2.  What food do you serve your #squad besties?

A.  A sandwich.  With potato chips.  On the sandwich.

B.  Cocktails – obviously.

C.  Baby Ruth

D.  Cheesecake!

3.  How do you cheer up your #squad BFF when they’re down?

A.  Give her a makeover, put on some music and DANCE!

B.  Take her shopping.  Or get straight to the point and buy her a vibrator!

C.  Deliver a rousing pep talk about never giving up!

D.  Tell her a story from St. Olaf…she loves those.

4.  What’s your #squad uniform?
A.  Retro, vintage, totally in.

B.  Designers.  Labels.  Urban glam!

C.  Jeans, T-shirts, something to get dirty in!

D.  Big sweaters…with SHOULDER PADS!

5.  #Squad slogan?

A.  “Don’t You Forget About Me!”

B.  “Beauty is Fleeting, But A Rent-Controlled Apartment Overlooking the Park is Forever.”

C.  “Never Say Die!”

D.  “Thank You For Being A Friend!”


If you answered mostly A’s, get ready to spend your Saturdays with The Breakfast Club!  But we must then wonder what you did to get detention, hmm, Princess?

If you answered mostly B’s, then I have to wonder, if you should hang out with the Sex and the City girls!  You like your Cosmos strong, your money where you can see it (in your closet) and your men.  Yep.  That’s all.

If you answered mostly C’s, you‘re one of the Goonies!  It’s Your Time!  And that’s good enough.

If you answered mostly D’s, your heart is true!  You’re a pal and a confidante, you Golden Girl, you!  Stay on Sofia’s good side.


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