5 Fandom Friday: I Heart U & U

Ah, swooning over fictional couples, a time-honoured fandom tradition!  Nothing like the perfect romance that can only exist in stories to make your actual life seem like crap.  And that’s why we love it! 

1.  Lazarus Long and Adorable Dora, Time Enough For Love by Robert A. Heinlein  tl:dr version: LL rescues a baby from a fire, raises her, leaves for a little bit and comes back to find that she’s a grown woman who’s grown a crush on him.  What’s to do?  Um, you can figure out what happens, probably.  Dora is a friggin’ badass and Lazarus Long a total softie for her in Time Enough for Love.  This is just ONE of the pairings in this book that made me go “ewww…” and than weep out of love for the beauty of it.  That’s why I love this book.

2.  Alec and Magrethe, Job: A Comedy of Justice also by Robert A. Heinlein  he’s uptight, and she teaches him to let his hair down.  The journey this pair goes on is probably the most intense and lasting of Heinlein’s love stories…certainly the most monogamous…and hey!  They’re not even related to each other!  Incredible, right?

3.  Gaius Balthar and Six, Battlestar Galactica  that tinny music that plays whenever he imagines her close and basically every time he gets caught interacting with her in Season One provide comedic relief in sometimes the way-too-intense storylines.  Sexy robots?  Hell frakkin yeah.

4.  Spike and Druscilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer  by far the best part of that season was the way Druscilla minced around whimpering weird shit and Spike being menacing and fawning over her.  Compare this to Twilight.  You’ve got a helpless female character and a slightly scary guy who’s obsessed with her.  Of the vampire pairings, who is more badass?  I rest my case.

5.  Rhett and Scarlett, Gone With the Wind  is it bad if, as an adult, I compare my relationships to this one to test if they’re “good enough”?  This enduring passion, the doting, the way they seem to be a foil for each other…

and I had to give mention to my favourite real-life couple:

6.  John Lennon and Yoko Ono  had something so amazing to me.  They seemed to be so devoted to each other, so very much in love and yet so relaxed about it.  They way they adored each other and blended together is really beautiful to me.  How can I put this – I admire the calm that they exuded when in each others’ presence.  Makes sense?  That’s the perfect idea of compatibility to me.  


8 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: I Heart U & U”

  1. Yes! to Spike and Druscilla!

    1. Clearly the best couple on the show:

      DRU: Do you love my insides? The parts you can't see?

      SPIKE: Eyeballs to entrails, my love.

      Awwww! Vampire romance!!!

  2. Say what you will about Yoko Ono and the Beatles, she and John were certainly cute together.

    1. I'm completely obsessed! They had such a perfect fit!

  3. YES Spike and Dru, the one and only time I wrote fan fiction it was about them lol xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

    1. This is SO embarassing to admit, but my college boyfriend and I dressed up as Spike and Dru for Halloween one year. Nobody – I mean NOBODY – got the reference. Bummer. That was a nice dress, though.

  4. I liked that Six had an imaginary Gaius. It proved they had a real connection and also funny.

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