5 Fandom Friday: Comfort Films

I am so excited for this week because as soon as I saw the prompt, I knew exactly which films I was going to write about.  So does this mean “comfort films” are a thing?  Because I definitely have some movies I’ve watched over and over again to the point of madness:

1.  Earth Girls Are Easy  was my go-to movie on Netflix – ah! – back when I still had the Netflix.  Why didn’t Julie Brown’s career take off after that film?  Why did Geena Davis, Jim Carrey, and Jeff Goldblum’s careers take off?  Huh.  ‘Tis for pondering, verily.  This movie is – get ready for it – a science fiction musical.  A SCIENCE FICTION MUSICAL.  About aliens and valley girls.  GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW if you have Netflix.

2.  How to Marry A Millionaire  another favourite of the Instant Streaming days of yore.  Gentlemen prefer blondes, some like it hot, but to me, this is my favourite Marilyn Monroe movie.  Really helps scratch that seven-year itch!  Oh my god I’ll stop.  So the premise, you’d imagine, is three models trying to marry rich men.  Doesn’t sound like a lot?  But oh just you wait.  If you love Old Hollywood glamour and love stories THEN YOU HAVE A PULSE whoopsie I mean then you’ll love this movie!

3.  Grease 2  I own this on DVD.  Yes, me and three other people own this on DVD.  Michelle Pfeiffer had a copy but she burned it in a spiritual ceremony.  LOLJK but can we talk about how cheesy this movie is compared to the orig-Grease?  It’s like 30% of the quality with 300% more sexual innuendo.  With songs like “Score Tonight,” “Let’s Do It For Our Country” (yes, that kind of “do it”) and the even less subtle “Reproduction” – I am not even kidding here folks.  Seeing is believing.

4.  The Trip  yet another movie I’ve Instantly Streamed so many times that Netflix is trying to find the words to ask me, “Don’t you wanna watch anything else?”  The answer is no.  This movie is chock-full of dry, British humour, exotic foods, desolate vistas, ABBA sing-alongs, James Bond impersonations, and feels.  So many feels. 

5.  Gone With The Wind
  once upon a time, before Netflix, having a sick day meant pulling out the DVD box and deciding which disc I wanted:  did I want spoiled, young Scarlet O’Hara who learns the hard lesson of life when war (and Sherman!) descend upon her beloved Atlanta?  Or did I want struggling, scrappy Scarlet O’Hara who works to save Tara, marries Rhett and finally realizes she loves him only after it’s too late?  The decision really boils down to these favourite scenes:

Disc One:  The scene at the auction in Atlanta just after Charles dies and Scarlett is in mourning but Rhett bids to dance with her (The Virginia Reel!) and she agrees to dance with him – “For the cause!”, of course.  But Rhett wants more – “I want you to say those words to me that you said to Ashley Wilkes that day of the barbecue at Twelve Oaks: ‘I love you’.” 


The scene when Rhett leaves Scarlett on the road with the Melanie, Prissy, the baby, and the horse (The last horse in Atlanta!).  That kiss goodbye:  “You’re sending a soldier into battle with a happy memory…” “Kiss me, Scarlett.  Kiss me…once…”  Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster.  They don’t make love scenes like that anymore.  They just don’t.  They can’t.


Disc Two:  After Frank Kennedy’s funeral when Rhett proposes marriage to Scarlett and she rebuffs him, then chases him down the street saying “I want a diamond!  A big one!”  Oh yeah you do.


Yes, the ever-so controversial scene when Rhett discovers Scarlett drinking (“I know when you drink, and I know how much.  Never drink alone, Scarlett.”)  and threatens her and then carries her off to – well, kind of rape her, I guess?  It’s pretty clear that she’s fighting him a bit and then goes limp.  Did she consent?  I don’t know.  I suppose the controversy might be part of why that scene is so intriguing.

Wow, I sure talked my post off today.  I’m really curious to see everyone else’s answers too!


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