Diggin’ on Degas

My favourite collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is unquestionably the Degas pieces.  There’s a couple of rooms of sketches, statues, and paintings by the Impressionist master Edgar Degas just close enough to the rooms housing your big names – Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso – but secluded enough that[…]

Identity Crisis

So much is said about Identity Crisis when really, so little can be said without revealing major spoilers.  Let me introduce you to a couple of very special ladies.  First of all, meet Sue Dibny. Adoring wife to Ralph Dibny, The Elongated Man.  I’ll let you go ahead and stare[…]

Hangin’ Tough at MoMA

If you wanna survive UNIQLO Free Friday Night at the Museum of Modern Art, ya gotta be REAL tough.  I mean, the line wraps all the way to the end of the block – even in the rain!  So come early, stake out a spot, and don’t let nobody nudge[…]

Day at the (Metropolitan) Museum (of Art)

Finding myself alone and with no plans on a rainy Friday morning, I swallowed my pride and took myself on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I had a couple concerns going on a solo date to the museum: Concern #1:  That I would feel awkward being alone[…]

French Milk

A long time ago, somebody (so long ago that I forgot who!) recommended to me that I read French Milk by Lucy Knisley.  When I discovered how difficult it is to find, I crossed it off my to-do list until I stumbled across her website and fell in love with[…]

Attack on Titan

Fair warning:  DO NOT start watching Attack on Titan if you have anything important happening in the next 24 hours.  Because that shit is just not going to happen. Now I finally understand why NYCC ’13 was overrun by cosplayers in white leggings with electrical tape detail and brown leather[…]

Batman: Death of the Family

AAAAHHHHH the infamous Batman:  Death of the Family !!!  As you can see from the cover of this hardbound collection, this is one intense and disgusting ride.  It has a dust-cover of a mask of the Joker’s face, covering the actual cover revealing all the viscera because, in case you[…]

Black Hole

Since it is currently Will Eisner Week, I thought I’d let you guys in on a graphic novel that I just read that absolutely broke my heart: Set in the ’70s in suburban Seattle, Black Hole follows a group of teenagers navigating the tricky nuances of young love and romance[…]

My Friend Dahmer

OVER the weekend, I devoured Derf Backderf’s My Friend Dahmer – almost quicker than I would have liked!  This intimate portrait of the young serial killer is at once sympathetic to his unfortunate circumstances and condemning of his actions. TO be totally honest, I have been having dreams about high school[…]

Things I Love Thursday: Jack Kirby

If I asked you to name three famous superheroes off the top of your head… Chances are, none of those would be Jack Kirby creations. But, if I asked you to name three more, and three more, and three more…we could go on and on naming the famous faces Jack[…]

Roberson Museum

My hometown, Binghamton, NY, is home to the Roberson Museum and Science Center.  High on my list of things to do when I visited for the holidays was checking out this little gem, as well as their annual Christmas tree exhibit, as pictured above! There was also a brilliant quilt[…]

No Sleep Til Brooklyn Museum

On the first Saturday of every month, a magical thing happens.  No, not THAT, get your head out of the gutter.  Target sponsors Free First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum!  Going back to the museum was on my Summer To-Do list, and when the stars aligned, it was magical. The[…]

Summer 2013 To-Do List – Punk: Chaos to Couture

First of all, apologies in advance, but there is no photography allowed in the Punk:  Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met.  So you’ll have to be satisfied by my wordy review and thie picture of me awkwardly posing on the stepladder in my apartment using a self-timer on my[…]

Ma Vie En Rose

Last week’s cold, rainy Friday, I went off to finally get my rose tattoo done.  After years of turning it over in my head, fantasizing, and saving up money, months of appointments and consultations, and days of preparation for the pain, I finally went through with it and felt…amazing. During[…]

Summer 2013 To-Do List

Ever since the weather started getting warmer (then colder, then HOTTER, then COLDER again and then finally HOT), I’ve been keeping a list of things I want to do this summer.  Some I’ve never done, some are limited time only, and some I’ve been meaning to get to for years. […]

Me And My Cinnamon Shadow

I have always been … creative. I don’t remember the story very well, because I was very young.  So very young – so feel free to chime in, mom! – that this story has been told to me instead of remembering it personally. The long and short of it is,[…]

My Nest Is Best

Source: wendo.it via Alessandro on Pinterest Do you remember this book? When I was a kid, my mom read this book to me and there was a special melody to the song. One day, I caught myself thinking of my home as my “nest.”  My nest is best!  It has[…]

A Peek At… MoMA

MoMA will blow your mind.  Go on a Friday after 4:00.  It’s crowded but free and you will NOT believe the crazyfamous art that you will see like this one and this one and this one But don’t bring your pet cat, because pet cats ruin everything.  Especially furniture.  See?[…]

Seen Around the City

A beautiful example of constructive graffiti. A sweet plea for companionship And the reason why GrubHub will always have my business(besides being cheap, easy, and efficient).

30DHN: A Book I’m Reading

Source: sparehed.com via Wim on Pinterest I’m not reading anything. BECAUSE I can’t get my hands on what I want to read. Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown. I’ve loved Funny Misshapen Body, and Little Things, but I hear Clumsy is really where it’s at. Let me know if you read it,[…]