Roberson Museum

My hometown, Binghamton, NY, is home to the Roberson Museum and Science Center.  High on my list of things to do when I visited for the holidays was checking out this little gem, as well as their annual Christmas tree exhibit, as pictured above!

There was also a brilliant quilt show going on.  This giraffe was all pieced and serged together!

I would LOVE to do a brilliant geometric quilt like this one!

There was an exhibit, Treasures of the Vault, which had a collection of all kinds of dolls, porcelain figures, handheld fans, a stuffed cheetah, and all kinds of crazy art!

I could not resist this awesome sculpture:  “Levitation” !

The unofficial theme of this Christmas was “balls.”  Balls on trees, balls on art, balls on balls on balls.

My mom has this thing about Christmas balls, y’see.


There was also a collection of dioramas showing different holidays and different ways of celebrating Christmas from all over the world.  And of course, I had to post this photo of Krampus!


This room was the.  coolest.

It was filled with cotton and had a huge sleigh and was basically an enormous diorama of Santa!


The mansion itself is always gorgeous, as well.
If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and visit.
Then, visit my ball-obsessed mom and help her out by eating that last slice of gluten-free cheesecake I left behind.
The real tragedy of this holiday.  🙁

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