Your iPhone, Your Boobs, and You

Ladies, level with me.  When you talk on your iPhone (does anyone still talk on their iPhone?), how do you NOT get it covered in yucky face guck?  I’m talking moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, powder – every time I pull it away from my face to hang up, there’s that ewww[…]

Falling In Love Again

This is a photo of me from January 2011. The last time I enjoyed acting. Or so I thought. I’ve said before that it’s hard to get excited about acting anymore.  There just isn’t a lot of interesting work being done, at least as far as I have seen.  All[…]


Mornings!  There are two types of mornings in this house.  There are the mornings when I wake up early and have nothing on the docket for the day: Like the other day, when I woke up, watched RuPaul’s Drag Race, ate a burrito, then went back to bed for a[…]

The Real World

Tom Otterness, The Real World, 1992, in Rockefeller Park in the North end of Battery Park City. photos by me (and Instagram, @meghansara)


Last night’s dream found me in a dismal post-apocalyptic world. We, the lucky survivors, were forced to live in dreary, primitive bunkers. Safe and provided for, but my soul was unhappy. Finally, I was able to voice my displeasure: “I miss clothes! I miss color! I just want to dance!”[…]

Well Whaddaya Say, Pilgrim?

Here’s an awkward moment I’m pretty sure most normal humans don’t encounter at their “normal” jobs: When the John Wayne impersonator strides up to you, starts doling out etiquette lessons, draws a self-portrait, and asks what your favourite movie of his is. I like The Quiet Man.

Being Barbie

People give Barbie a lot of flack.  People say she is a bad role model for children.  People don’t typically have a sense of humor about things.  They like to say, “What if Barbie was a real person?” Source: via Allison on Pinterest Well, if Barbie was a real[…]

Working for the Weekend

And now, in honor of my crazy work marathon coming to a marvelous end today, may I present some of my favourite photos people have drawn for me at work!

Things I’m Digging On Lately

I’m completely enamored of Sophie Blackall’s Arts for Transit project, Missed Connections on the New York subway.  I saw it on the F train on Thursday, and couldn’t decide who was my favourite!  The matchy-match suit guys, the scene kids in the left corner, or the balloon reading over someone’s[…]

Weekend Brunch, Awkward Edition

“Hey dude!  Sorry I’m late, man.  How are you?” “Oh, not so good, man.  She left me, dude.” “What?  Dude, no way.  Man, that’s BULL.” “Duuuuuude….too soon.”

Socrates Sculpture Park

Overlooking the Manhattan skyline from an unassuming waterfront property in Astoria is the Socrates Sculpture Park. Can you spot the turkey?

First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum

Consider this the exciting conclusion of my King’s County Trio of posts:  the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Flea, and finally, Target First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum. After 5:00 on the first Saturday of every month, our beloved Target hosts a fabulous free event at the museum.  And much like[…]