Hangin’ Tough at MoMA

If you wanna survive UNIQLO Free Friday Night at the Museum of Modern Art, ya gotta be REAL tough.  I mean, the line wraps all the way to the end of the block – even in the rain!  So come early, stake out a spot, and don’t let nobody nudge aheada ya in line!

Admission is free, which means it’s a WAR ZONE of tourists!  Tourists everywhere, pushing and shoving and photobombing your blog pics!  You have to have patience and fortitude to persevere.  And if one of those pushy jerks won’t get outta the way, tell ’em to go sit in a chair of dicks!

Are we clear?  Be tough as nails, don’t take any guff, and you’ll be bombarded with sick art and weird sculpture at UNIQLO Free Friday Nights at MoMA.  Now get outta here and start toughening up for your visit!

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