Summer 2013 To-Do List – Punk: Chaos to Couture

First of all, apologies in advance, but there is no photography allowed in the Punk:  Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met.  So you’ll have to be satisfied by my wordy review and thie picture of me awkwardly posing on the stepladder in my apartment using a self-timer on my phone to take pictures of the awesome outfit I wore that day:

Punk:  Chaos to Couture was pretty much what I expected, from start to end.  Which was fairly short, actually:  remember the Alexander McQueen exhibit 2 years ago that everyone freaked out about?  That went on and on forever?  It was like, twelve rooms, floor to ceiling, right? 

Well, P:C2C (much shorter, eh?) was like, three rooms in total.  Don’t get me wrong:  it was awesome.  It reiterated a lot of cool things I already knew (like what CBGB stands for, who Vivienne Westwood is, and the art of shredding knits) and added a lot of cool knowledge to the pool (what bricolage is in terms of fashion, and how it relates to my tattoo bandage). 

Oh, and I totally swooned over the recreation of the CBGB bathroom, complete with filthy toilets and cigarette butts.  Just down the hall from the 19th Century European Masters, shitty urinals.  ROCK AND ROLL!!!

The music played in the exhibit was FANTASTIC, obviously, and the clothes gave me loads of ideas.  I love visiting a museum and leaving so inspired!  I am constantly striving to expand the boundaries of my personal experience, and surprisingly, by visiting an exhibit which I was already slightly familiar with, I learned so much more.  I think it’s safe to say my knowledge was deepened and expanded thanks to P:C2C!

After visiting, I of course had to run through my favourite bits of the museum:  the period rooms (swoon!), the Temple of Dendur, the Impressionists (hiya, Monet’s waterlilies!), and a final stop by the Arms and Armaments wing (to confirm that my tattoo bandage was BOTH bricolage and feudalistic in nature).

And to sate your desire for photographs, pictures of my mom’s favourite part of the museum, the stained glass windows in the American Wing: 


Summer 2013 To-Do List:
See the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit at the Met

Mini golf in NYC

Sing a solo at karaoke

Bryant Park movie nights
Buffalo trip
Go rock climbing

Eat at an outdoor restaurant
Jefferson Market Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
See Pippin on Broadway
Participate in Team Trivia

Brooklyn museum
Row a boat on Central Park Lake

Waffle truck

Roller Derby

Visit a speakeasy

Attend a themed dance club
Re-visit the Bronx Zoo

In two weeks, Google Reader goes Bye-Bye! 
I don’t want to see this beautiful thing end, and neither do you. 
Let’s try to make it work, baby, we can beat the odds! 
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    • "No big deal" – ! It's so amazing to me, like "We're touching this wall that has existed for hundreds of years! I also love the way it's set up – with the moat and the big windows. I went there once on a first date (Yeah, being a NYCer basically rocks) and we couldn't enter the Temple area because they were setting up for a wedding. A WEDDING! You can just imagine how awesome and gorgeous THAT was. Thanks for the comment!

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