My Friend Dahmer

OVER the weekend, I devoured Derf Backderf’s My Friend Dahmer – almost quicker than I would have liked!  This intimate portrait of the young serial killer is at once sympathetic to his unfortunate circumstances and condemning of his actions.

TO be totally honest, I have been having dreams about high school for days since I finished it.  Backderf conjures up a world so rich and intimate that you almost feel as though you were right there in the Class of  ’78 with him.  He shows side-by-side the ordinary trivialities of teenage suffering and the ripening of a twisted mind.  The blocky, lumpy figures without distinction reminded me of the way that all the people and faces of my high school years blur into a mass of obscurity.

EVEN if serial killers and graphic novels aren’t your usual jam, My Friend Dahmer is gripping and engaging.  Fans of Ghost World or Jeffrey Brown must read!

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  1. Serial Killers are definitely my jam…saying it that way makes me sound a bit creepy haha. I've been eye-balling this for a while. I've never read a graphic novel before…but I've been wanting to read books on Dahmer for a while. It definitely looks interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

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