French Milk

A long time ago, somebody (so long ago that I forgot who!) recommended to me that I read French Milk by Lucy Knisley.  When I discovered how difficult it is to find, I crossed it off my to-do list until I stumbled across her website and fell in love with her archives.  I managed to find a used copy on Amazon (where I buy almost all of my comics/graphic novels!  Used books RULE!) and a long-lost dream came true.

French Milk is a diary of time spent in Paris during a college break.  You’re probably thinking, “So?  What happens?  Who cares?”  but Knisley’s relatable style and keen observation makes her own deeply personal story feel like your own. Ideal for anyone who has ever been in their twenties:

Ideal for anyone who loves food:

And perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to see flocks of happy manatees:

But perhaps most of all, if you have ever wanted to run away to Paris and live there for a while, this book is what you need.  Between her illustrations, anecdotes, and photographs, Knisley truly does take the reader on a trip to Paris!  And who doesn’t want a Parisian vacation?

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