Blogtember #16: Review — Living Single

All the Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up.Let’s be honest.  Having a relationship is great, but being single is tha bomb.  Whether you’re a veteran at being unattached or freshly dumped, you have to agree that it’s somewhat of a relief to be footloose and fancy-free!  I even made a[…]


You don’t make it to Employee of the Month without making a few die-hard fans. After a little over a year at work, I have gained some fans.  Regular customers who stop in, chat a bit, and whom I’ve gotten to know.  There’s my High School Pep Squad, who pop[…]

Blogtember #10: Working Girl

Source To the working woman of New York Enduring the sweltering heat in your chrysalis of linen sheath dress Carrying your pumps to work, fluffing open the New York Times, steady hand applying mascara on the unsteadiest of vehicles!  Full of that potential one can only have before the 9-5[…]

Blogtember #8: Be True to You, Whoever You Are

When I started blogging, it was in the hopes of making more friends like myself. Through blogging, Twitter, and online publications, I became fascinated with all these awesome women and their lives – such as Nat the Fat Rat, Rachele the Nearsighted Owl, and Emily McCombs of xoJane. Each of[…]

Blogtember #6: I Don’t Care

From the moment she saw me like this, her face crumpled into a grimace of disgust.  Whispering tersely into her companion’s ear while glaring at me, they inched through the crowded train to be further away from me.  She had seen the bandage covering the second half of my fresh[…]

Blogtember #3: Like My Father Always Says…

There is, at my parents’ house, a trivet sitting on the stove, belonging to my father and bearing this Elbert Hubbard quote: Source: As a kid, I thought it was funny.   Redundant. “Well, of course you don’t make it out alive… That’s the point!” As an adult, the saying[…]

Slangin’ Tough

While I’m on vacation, I have prepared a series of vlogs (slang for “video blogs”) FYE – For Your Entertainment.  Today’s topic:  SLANG! Here are five slang words or expressions I use to season my everyday conversation.  They are delicious.  Feel free to use them.          Credit the source. First up: […]

…Love and Tenderness

I am very impatient by nature.  I like to solve problems.  It’s what I do!  Having participated in Odyssey of the Mind (“a creative problem-solving competition”) for seven years, I always believe that there is an elegant and swift solution to any problem.  And that I can find it.  And[…]

My Happy Place

What does it even mean, “happy place”? People will tell you when you’re upset, angry, or stressed, to “go to your happy place.” Today, I realized that my “happy place” has been right in front of me all along. Broadway from 72nd to 116th Streets. It’s about an hour-long walk,[…]

Currently…in April 2013

Feeling:  Congested!  I’m getting over the flu!  I worked long hours during the worst of it.  Today is my day of rest and recovery.  I’m looking forward to doing a lot of nothing, sitting in a hot bath until the water turns cold around me, dragging out my orange fleece[…]

For the Love of Walking

Ask me what I do and I will tell you I am a tour guide, and I love working at a candy store, and I keep up a blog. Ask me about my hobbies and I’ll tell you:  I walk. Walking is not just a means of getting somewhere to[…]

Unofficial New Year’s Resolutions

Late to the party?    I don’t like making New Year’s Resolutions because they’re so hard to keep!  And I especially don’t like telling people about them because then I’m held accountable.  Still, I have had a few New Year’s Resolutions in the back of my mind for the past month[…]

30DHN: Three Blogs I Always Read

Nat the Fat Rat:  for escapism Life of Bon:  for laughs The Nearsighted Owl:  for inspiration I’ve said enough.  Let these ladies do the talking.

The Write Stuff

A lot of blogs I know have been linking up with Joelle at Something Charming for this cool handwriting post.  I love it because I think handwriting is very intimate.  Someone’s handwriting can tell volumes about them, you know?  My dad is vivacious and lives life to the fullest.  He[…]

30DHN: Three Inspirational Quotes

My roommate and I have several inspirational quotes we live by: Don’t stand on the folding chairs. No boy (except David Bowie) is worth crying over. Don’t date the vegans, because they will always judge you. But these are good, too: Source: via Meghan-Sara on Pinterest Source: via[…]

30DHN: My Hometown

There’s the town I was born in.  The town I grew up in.  But my home in my heart will always be New York City. Growing up, I had a map of the subway system on my wall to remind me of my dream.  Then, when I was 24, I[…]

New York is Like a Box of Chocolates

New York City is like a patchwork quilt: there’s a little bit of everything mixed in EVERYWHERE. Little, ancient castles squished between modern, glass office buildings. Humble drugstores crouching in the shadow of centuries-old churches. Bicycle rickshaws darting between slick black town cars. Pedestrians in 5-inch heels pushing strollers through[…]

Joie de Vivre!

This month’s mantra is: Joie de Vivre (French) noun enthusiasm, zest, gusto, ebullience, joy, relish, enjoyment, gaiety, joyfulness, depression, apathy, distasteFrom It’s free.  It’s FREE!  Whether times are tough, or not, if you can enjoy yourself, you’ll get by.I’m trying to remember that, and to always look on the[…]

Why I Am The Coolest Person Evar

It’s a big, big world, and sometimes, it’s easy to feel rather small in it.  When you consider all the people out there who are wealthier, prettier, happier…and then there’s about 14 Kardashians who are all of the above and for no discernible reason. That is why it one must[…]


Beauty is difference. Without difference, there is no beauty, only “averageness.” – me