Blogtember #8: Be True to You, Whoever You Are

When I started blogging, it was in the hopes of making more friends like myself.

Through blogging, Twitter, and online publications, I became fascinated with all these awesome women and their lives – such as Nat the Fat Rat, Rachele the Nearsighted Owl, and Emily McCombs of xoJane.
Each of these women, and so many others, were so candid and open with me that I felt they had become friends I had never met.  I was amazed at their charisma, and their unique voices.

However, they fell short of my goal – to find other people out there like me.  I wanted to find a story being told that paralleled my own so I could feel less alone in this big, swirling world of adulthood.

Only over time did I realize that there is no story being told like mine.  That’s why we blog.  To get our individuality out there.  Not to be like others, or to find other people just like us.  Blogging is a celebration of differences, of uniqueness.  By reading the blogs of all you different and unique little snowflakes, I realized that the adult female experience need not fit into one tiny little box.

Blogging, in a weird way, helped me allow myself the freedom to be me.  Just me. 

Thank you, all of you, all of you strange and wonderful yous, for being who you are.  The most important lesson I learned from blogging is to be true to you, whoever you are. 

tee hee.  Special little snowflakes.


3 responses to “Blogtember #8: Be True to You, Whoever You Are”

    1. Thank you, Linda!

  1. Yes, yes, yes!! I get so tired of these posts on how to 'be original' and have an original blog. Simply be you, I want to say, because everyone is original. Like you mentioned, we all have our own individuality and if we start applying advice from others just because they are 'experts' then we become the masses and lose a bit of that individuality. The best way is to do just as your title says, and be you, always and no matter how much you fly in the face of conformity. Thanks for such an honest post and one I could certainly relate to. Cheers to you Meghan!

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