New York is Like a Box of Chocolates

New York City is like a patchwork quilt:
there’s a little bit of everything mixed in EVERYWHERE.

Little, ancient castles squished between modern, glass office buildings.
Humble drugstores crouching in the shadow of centuries-old churches.

Bicycle rickshaws darting between slick black town cars.
Pedestrians in 5-inch heels pushing strollers through the crosswalks.

Women in pearls with papillons in the purses riding the city bus.
The homeless man wrapped in a blanket begging for change outside Tiffany & Co.

Cops breaking up fights at bars on 8th Avenue.
Limos dropping off suits at bars on 9th Avenue.

When the man jingling a cup full of change makes his way down the aisle on the subway, you avert your gaze sympathetically.
When the breakdancing kids clap their hands to the boombox on the platform, you clap along…sympathetically.

You never take a leaflet from someone on the street.
But you crowd the table when they’re passing out free samples at Trader Joe’s.

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City girls got to stick together…!

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