Thanksgiving is the new Black Friday

Black Friday – like Thanksgiving – has come and gone, but I’m still not quite over it.

I’m sure some of you out there spent your T-gives fighting others consumers for The Hawtest Dealz in town.  You probably thought, “What’s the harm?  I’m not spending thanksgiving with my family, I might as well go shopping.”

Well, just know that every dollar you spent says that you care more about THINGS than PEOPLE.  Like the teenager trying to save for college who wants to spend one more thanksgiving with his sick grandmother.  The twenty-something couple spending their first thanksgiving as a married couple operating separate cash registers across town.  The single parent dropping their kids off at a babysitter so they can stock shelves and clean bathrooms on Thanksgiving.
It’s not just a metaphorical destruction of holidays.  Corporations only care about the bottom line.  If thy know that they can make Money on a holiday, they will make working on holidays compulsory.

You CHOSE to leave your family dinner table and go to WAL*MART or Macy’s on Thanksgiving day.  But in choosing to do so, you took away the choice of hundreds of other people to spend just that one holiday with their families.  They never had a choice.  And don’t give me “they chose to work in retail, that’s their fault” because BELIEVE ME, nobody chooses to be a cashier.  They do so because they aren’t qualified for anything else, they need flexible hours to pursue education or their passion, or hey because there just aren’t any jobs out there now are there?!?

So to the people who stayed home, thanks.  And to the people who gave up one of the few holidays that people should have off, thank you even more.  I’m sorry money now matters more than you but is that really a surprise these days???


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