I Am 29 Going On 80

So apparently I am an old fogey now.  I was exhausted all day at work after a late night.  What was I doing?  I drank too much tea, got all hopped up on caffeine, and was embroidering listening to Glenn Miller and his orchestra.

I’m totally fine with this.  I’ll be thirty in half a year’s time, so I need to come to terms with being an old lady.  Look!  I embrace it!  With pearls!

If you think about it, I’ve probably been an old lady for a long time now, and just haven’t even noticed:
I hate rap music.  I don’t understand why it’s so popular either.
I don’t like going to the movies  – they’re too expensive and never good.
I’m always too cold.  Or too hot.  And very vocal about it, too.
I go to the grocery store for single items just because I like getting out of the house and wandering the aisles.
I’ve caught myself using the phrase “things were better before the Internet.”  ironic?  Probably.
Do you act your age?


3 responses to “I Am 29 Going On 80”

  1. I think it's human nature to 1. act older when you're young and 2. try to act younger when you're old. Key word there is 'try' for it is much easier to act older when one is young and far less easier to act younger when one is old. I know I feel younger than I am (53) but I don't know if I act it.

    1. I think that's very true! Good observation!

  2. I have never said things were better before the internet, although I do hate the way it's connected to every iota of life. I'm always cold, or hot also. and I find sitting home reading or watching a movie on TV to be thoroughly entertaining. Plus I have a penchant for black and white movies and oldies music. I just like to think of myself as an old soul 🙂

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