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Question:  How old were you when you learned to dress yourself?  You probably don’t even remember, because you were so young!  I know I had a “Dressy Bessy” doll to teach me how to button buttons, snap snaps, lace laces, zipper zippers…uh…you get the idea.  Arms over the head, shirt on.  Pants, one leg at a time.  Skirt?  Two legs at a time!  Tube socks?  Can it even get any easier than TUBE SOCKS?!

So WHY, tell me, WHY do people think that full grown adults need help dressing themselves?



I’m not going to sit here on my ivory pedestal and say that it’s WRONG to want to be in season, or follow trends, or draw inspiration from a certain designer or time period.  You’re an adult.  Figure out what you like and then DO IT.

What bothers ME is when outside observers deem other people’s personal choices unacceptable and seek to change them into their own.  Are you listening, What I And A Select Group Of Financiers And Producers Think You Shouldn’t Ought To Wear?

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  1. bahahaha. I have to say I love that show (because I love anything having to do with makeovers including extreme makeover home edition) but you're totally right. Who really cares?

    • Oh NOOOO Extreme Makeover Home Edition! That show is like, designed by super-intelligent scientists to MAKE you cry! Oh it's diabolical! Everyone has that one episode that was just *too* cathartic for them – the one where the parents died in a car crash and left behind like 9 kids all struggling to get by? And then they paid off the mortgage and set up funds for them to all get college educations?!?! That is like, my Kryptonite.

    • I've watched it a bit, and it just always bothers me how cruel they are to people. I wish Queer Eye was still on. That had, as I recall, a slightly gentler touch, and was more like cultural immersion and education, and on a selfish note, I thought the transformations were more cathartic. WNTW just seems like they're being petty and mean for the sake of being petty. Ah, but reality TV thrives on petty, cruel, mean, exploitation of people who can't defend themselves (MTV!)

  2. dude, who knows. my mom said i got one day when i was 4, looked at what she had laid out for me and said "mummy (i talked british when i was little, it was a phase) that's a sunny day outfit and its raining outside." and my mother, being the huge bitch that she is (she knows this, and i know it has been passed down so i can say this) never dressed me again.


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