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  • Shop Like An Adult

    Shop Like An Adult

    It might be a sign that you’re becoming an adult when you go shopping and instead of buying  THIS: or THESE: you simply buy 14 PAIRS OF SOCKS. Well… maybe not TOO much of an adult: “These?  Well, one does want a hint of color.”Nathan Lane as Albert Goldman, The Birdcage

  • All Things Just Keep Getting Better

    All Things Just Keep Getting Better

    Source: Yahoo! TV I’ve previously expressed disgust towards televised “makeover” shows.  Concisely put, I think they are a tool of the shame industry to force individuals to conform to a bland, populist template of style.  Ouch! That said, I literally squealed with excitement when I discovered that Netflix Instant has added 88 episodes of Queer…

  • Things I’m Digging On Lately

    Things I’m Digging On Lately

    I’m completely enamored of Sophie Blackall’s Arts for Transit project, Missed Connections on the New York subway.  I saw it on the F train on Thursday, and couldn’t decide who was my favourite!  The matchy-match suit guys, the scene kids in the left corner, or the balloon reading over someone’s shoulder! I am so in…

  • Dress Yourself

    Dress Yourself

    Question:  How old were you when you learned to dress yourself?  You probably don’t even remember, because you were so young!  I know I had a “Dressy Bessy” doll to teach me how to button buttons, snap snaps, lace laces, zipper zippers…uh…you get the idea.  Arms over the head, shirt on.  Pants, one leg at…

  • Firsts and Seconds

    Firsts and Seconds

    Today I did some things for the first time. And some for the second time. I found Grimaldi’s famous pizza restaurant for the first time…and will definitely have to return for a second time (and a third, and a fourth!)  I started a fight with some shadowy figures… For the first time! If they start…

  • Gimme Color

    Gimme Color

    The new year has started off drab, drab, drab. Look, I’ve either been sick at home in grey cotton T-shirts or in my all-black work uniform!!! I had a craving today for color and excitement, and I definitely got what I needed. Starting with my nails!  On the left hand:  gray, butter yellow, neon purple,…

  • Connoisseur of Pants

    Connoisseur of Pants

    Many people have a fashion accessory they can’t live without, or a collection of a singular defining garment, say, cardigans. After some depressing soul searching, it has occurred to me that my fashion must-have is… Lounge pants.  I know, it’s tragic, but really, don’t we all love some comfort?  So I decided to use my…

  • Stuff I Just Don’t Understand The Appeal Of

    Stuff I Just Don’t Understand The Appeal Of

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  • Remember the Times

    Remember the Times

    Ever wake up at 11am on a Saturday, you don’t have to work, it’s nice and cold outside, and just… go through old facebook photos of yourself? Maybe you should try to be a little more narcissistic, because it is AWESOME. Case in point: I found these old photos of me from YEARS back and…

  • Ode to My Shoes

    Ode to My Shoes

    Dear Aubergine Converse: Thank you for carrying me all over town in comfort and style. I never thought shoes could be both comfortable and cute, both trendy and personal, until I began wearing you all over the place. When I lace you up to take on the world, I feel fully together, fully dressed, fully…