Gimme Color

The new year has started off drab, drab, drab. Look, I’ve either been sick at home in grey cotton T-shirts or in my all-black work uniform!!! I had a craving today for color and excitement, and I definitely got what I needed.

Starting with my nails!  On the left hand:  gray, butter yellow, neon purple, red and navy.

Right hand:  purple, mint green, honeysuckle, electric blue, chocolate brown.

Eyeshadow:  green and red, gold underneath, lined with my favourite black liner.

And my outfit!

Faux fur coat, secondhand.  Tie-dye henley, thrifted.  Grey tank top, Target.  Red pants, F21.  Purple Converse.

I photographed the colors of the sky:

But black and white can be cool, too.
(Move, tourists!)

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