Firsts and Seconds

Today I did some things for the first time. And some for the second time.

I found Grimaldi’s famous pizza restaurant for the first time…and will definitely have to return for a second time (and a third, and a fourth!) 

I started a fight with some shadowy figures…

For the first time!
If they start with me a second time, they’ll see the back of my hand!!!

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge…

For the second time!

Come closer…closer…Eep!  Too close!

I took a self portrait…

For the first time.

I walked around Lower Manhattan for the second time, and found this cool church with graveyard.

I visited the South Street Seaport…

…for the first time!

I took a self-portrait for the second time!

I visited MOCA – Museum of Chinese in America (for the first time) and it’s very dark in there (so few photos) but SO interesting. 

If you have a chance, you’ll want to check it out!

I saw this amazing billboard for the first time and I had to photograph it, ye gods yes:

And I licked a Salty Pimp for the first time!  You guys, it’s an ice cream cone!  And a damn fine one, at that!  High-tail it down to 7th Street to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.  The only thing sweeter than the treats are the staff, I can’t wait to go back for the second time (it’s on tomorrow’s itinerary, don’t worry).  All eight-mile walks should end in ice cream, don’t you think?  It’s only fair.

2 responses to “Firsts and Seconds”

  1. Not true! Uncle Barry took us to the South Street Seaport whenever we visited him. So this is like your third or fourth time….Just the first that you remember. Other visits included a trip to the top of the World Trade Center, many years ago…

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