Shop Like An Adult

It might be a sign that you’re becoming an adult when you go shopping and instead of buying  THIS:


you simply buy 14 PAIRS OF SOCKS.
Well… maybe not TOO much of an adult:

“These?  Well, one does want a hint of color.”
Nathan Lane as Albert Goldman, The Birdcage

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  1. I always feel so defeated when I come home from shopping with only practical things.

    I put everything away and then I feel like "but where are the treats? None of that was fun."

    1. MeghanSara says:

      YES! The "treats"! I have a very low bar on what's a "treat", too – new toothpaste or shampoo can be just as exciting!

  2. Best quote ever!!! I LoVe that movie so effing much. Perhaps I'll watch it tonight.

    Also, whenever I shop I end up with t-shirts and casual clothes. I need adult clothes.

    1. MeghanSara says:

      Right?!? I think I have maybe two tops that aren't stretch knitwear from the Junior's Department (or men's undershirts from K-Mart)!

  3. Gah, adulthood. For real, you need that hat and we both need those shoes. ahem, where can I find them? 😛

    1. MeghanSara says:

      The hat is Kohl's, the shoes were on clearance at Famous Footwear!

  4. There's just something about colorful socks that instantly brightens a mood 🙂

    1. MeghanSara says:

      Hear, hear! I don't think I've ever worn white socks. And I had to borrow my mom's socks once for a business-dress shoot.

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