Connoisseur of Pants

Many people have a fashion accessory they can’t live without, or a collection of a singular defining garment, say, cardigans.

After some depressing soul searching, it has occurred to me that my fashion must-have is… Lounge pants.  I know, it’s tragic, but really, don’t we all love some comfort?  So I decided to use my self-timer feature (I’m still figuring it out, BTW) to show you my collection…of pants.

These are my summertime staples.  A friend gifted them to me second-hand (kind of like a clothing swap?) from Victoria’s Secret Pink.  They’re kind of my “dress pants” thanks to the silky faux-satin drawstring, quelle fancy!  Also, Stars!  I’m a star!  I feel like a star in these pants.

 Oh, these are by far my dorkiest pants.  I bought them at the Salvation Army (BEFORE “thrifting” was cool!) for like, a dollar.  They’re long, Aeropostale, and have monkeys and ducks playing rock instruments on them.  The target audience was clearly awkward girls, so who am I to deny that?

J’adore these pants!  I bought them specifically for my European romp, and spent every morning in Paris leaning against the railing of my Parisian balcony, bidding City of Lights “Bonjour!”

Kohl’s is a great resource for lounge pants.  I bought these there – they’re kind of mid-weight, in-between season pants.  Soft knit, but not too heavy, very flowy.

These are also Kohl’s – my first fuzzy pants.  They have sheep on them, and are known in my household as “sheepy pants”.  Eli has tried them on, once, jealous of how cozy they looked on me.  It was kind of hilar.

Ahh, the cupcake pants, a la WAL*MART.  These were on sale, and how can you resist XXL satin-ribbon-drawstring neon green pants with pink cupcakes on them?  So hideous, they’re perfect.

And last but not least, my favourite pants of all – from Kmart, the XXXL super-comfy fleece Apathetic Penguin Pants!  It’s a little embarassing, but when the weather is cold, I will literally live in these pants, until I am forced to leave the house.  I adore these pants.  But how do they feel about me?  Let’s consult the penguins:


Oh, ouch.  Does that penguin look like he gives one flying fig about anything?  No.  No he doesn’t.  And that’s why these are the appropriately titled “Apathetic Penguin Pants.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Tour de Pants!

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  1. Hahaha, this is sooo funny! I used to have a few of these, but somehow, they have all fallen by the wayside. Sigh. Maybe I should invest in a few again.

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