The Life-Changing Magic Of DOING SOMETHING

Life. Changing.

I’ve been assisting at this studio for a couple of days now and already it’s like a magic wand over my life. Remember when I felt like I was going crazy, because nothing I tried seemed to ever work out? Well, I think it’s safe to say I’ve done a 180 from that.

Thanks to power tools.

Yes, power tools.

I walked in on the first day, filled out a tax form, and fired up a belt sander.

“Am I seriously doing this?” went through my head over and over but yeah, I was doing that! I did it well. Do you have ANY IDEA the amount of doubt and insecurity I’ve been suffocating under this past year? HA! Neither did I, until I was holding a power drill and making perfect, neat little holes in a sheet of plastic.

I have talked a big game about confidence and kicking ass, but nothing compares to the feeling of rising to the challenge (hello BELT SANDER like wtf) and doing something useful with your time.

I know, I know, applying for all those jobs was “useful,” but it didn’t ever seem to go anywhere. It was wise of me to make check marks in a diary for every job I applied to, at least then I had something to show for my hours of effort. Now, I can see the progress of the project before me and it is SUCH a boost.

Three days ago, I was a girl who couldn’t get ahead.

Today, I was a girl who used power tools.

Guess which version of me I’d prefer to be from now on.


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