New Jersey Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

  It never occurred to me before, but I was raised to be afraid.   Maybe you were, too?   From as far back as I can remember, up until the most recent conversation I’ve had with my parents, I’ve been cautioned to be safe. “Give me a ring when[…]

Highlights From My 33rd Twirl Around The Sun

July 31st is my birthday! I have been a bit quiet about it on here… frankly, I’ve been quiet about a lot on here, this past year. This year was intense — by which I mean, it had some of the highest highs and the lowest lows — but overall, I’m surprised[…]

And Not A Zero Fuck Was Given That Day

  I had an EXHAUSTING day on Friday.   I just wanted to share this with you because it was one of those days that I live for, the days where you work yourself past the point of exhaustion to a state of accomplished *bliss* and everything else melts away.   I[…]

GOOD NEWS! Good News is BACK!

Last week, I rounded up (proper past-tense?) a buncha stuff that was inspiring to me, getting me through the loneliness and the winter doldrums. And then I was like, “Why not continue to do that?” You know, I was doing that every Friday since 2016, right? Too lazy to research[…]

Currently… in January 2018

  FEELING:  INCREDULOUS. That it is. 2018. How is this even possible? I know that time is a construct, but this construct feels imPOSSIBLE! Wow, who would have thought? I have to say, I am actually happier now than I thought I could possibly be, back in 2017? I’m ready[…]

2017 Favorites

  Don’t get me wrong: the *second* the clock hits midnight, I’m erasing 2017 from my memory. It’s GONE. I’m going to repress and re-repress and re-re-repress until 2017 becomes The Year That Never Happened. Like 2012! I’m always forgetting 2012, and with good reason! It blew. It totally blew. And that’s where I[…]

I Say Hey, What’s Going On?

  Well, I disappeared! I hate when really consistent bloggers just up & “disappear” on me, and I always take it personally (HA!). If you took my absence personally and demand to know where I’ve been when I’m not blogging, here’s what’s going on:   Last weekend, I hopped on[…]

Currently… in April 2017

  FEELING:  Well, tbh, I have the flu. The head/chest/cough kind! It’s deeply frustrating because I’m super busy with studio work, I’m working on exciting new projects, and the tours have been poppin’ off like wild lately! But you know me: I love having a purpose. Have you heard of[…]

GOOD NEWS! I’ve been BUSY BUSY BUSY this week and it’s WONDERFUL!

Wow, I don’t even know what to write! So I’ve been working on a project at the studio (again!) since I got back from California and it’s been pretty nonstop but I love it so much. As a result, I’ve been doing precious little else besides working and commuting, so I haven’t[…]

The Life-Changing Magic Of DOING SOMETHING

Life. Changing. I’ve been assisting at this studio for a couple of days now and already it’s like a magic wand over my life. Remember when I felt like I was going crazy, because nothing I tried seemed to ever work out? Well, I think it’s safe to say I’ve[…]