New Year’s Resolutions? Well, Why Not.

Retire the phrase “tfw.” It was funny for a while, but now I’ve got that feeling that it’s overplayed.

Stop snarking on popular things — because sometimes popular things are popular because they’re good — like rosé, and Beyoncé (NOTE: I recognize that not all popular & good things have “é” in them, and not all things that have “é” are good just because they’re popular).

Take more walks, because I really like walks. Walks are worth bundling up and braving the cold for.

Stop chewing my lower lip when bored, anxious, or hungry. Hungry for LIP! Just kidding, that’s disgusting.

Be more subversive. Why? Losing all these greats in 2016 (Bowie! George Michael! Prince! Hatchet Face! Carrie Fischer!) means there is a void for outspoken subversiveness in the universe. Now more than ever, I feel the need to be unapologetically queer, lascivious, ugly, feminist, mentally ill, and creative to fill the void. How? Not sure yet. Will keep you posted.

Do this YouTube thing. Make it a habit. Stop being a bystander to the things that inspire me and start participating. That’s how I got started in blogging, so why not YouTube, huh?

Be a better intersectional feminist: 1) call out problematic behaviors, 2) remove ableist/stigmatizing words from my vocabulary, 3) donate/volunteer, 4) support women.

Stop punishing myself.

Go to No Lights No Lycra every week. Every week! Until I can do The Worm.

Get AT LEAST one new tattoo, and re-pierce my earlobes through my closed-up holes.

Stop appropriating slang from other cultures. I’ve been working on this for a while, it’s gonna take some time, so please be patient with me if I make mistakes sometimes.

Use only reusable plastic bags while shopping — no more plastic bags in my house! 


These are all pretty achievable, but this is going to take more work: over at Femnasty, I wrote today about being bold instead of being meek, and being a Proactive Princess. Grab some tissues before you head over, this one was emotional for me to write!





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