Good News! I Called Dog 911, And They Said It’s Not An Emergency

Dog 911 meme was started by Reverend Scott on Twitter.   What’s good, everybody? I think yellow blush is *VERY* good: View this post on Instagram @jamienelson6 – Model #idadyberg @ida_dyberg and her #yellowblush for @maybelline @refinery29 with @manthony783 #makeup @julieknailsnyc #manicure @lisajarvis_stylist #stylist #jamienelson #beautyphotography @linhhair @kateryaninc #hair #contour[…]

New Year’s Resolutions? Well, Why Not.

Retire the phrase “tfw.” It was funny for a while, but now I’ve got that feeling that it’s overplayed. Stop snarking on popular things — because sometimes popular things are popular because they’re good — like rosé, and Beyoncé (NOTE: I recognize that not all popular & good things have “é” in[…]