I’m Sick of Being Sick!

What did you get for Christmas?  I got the longest-lasting cold!!  I brought it back to New York City with me and maybe I didn’t treat it right:

On the first day of sickness, I went to the hospital (for my dermatology appointment, more on that later!) and sat for hours in a waiting room with Other Sick People.  My people!

On the second day of sickness, I attempted laundry, but discovered that the only laundromat in walking distance has closed down (?!?) after making several trips there & back in the rain.

On the third day of sickness, I walked a mile and a quarter to wash the laundry at the next nearest laundromat.  A mile and a quarter is actually not that near, especially when carrying three laundry bags.

Which brings us to New Year’s Eve.  I wanted to party, but I could barely get of the couch.  I spent the night in, with my sweet boyfriend, binge-watching Dark Matter and eating the fancy tinned seafood we bought at a Christmas market (for ourselves, because we don’t know anyone else as weird as us).

While a night in watching a SyFy original series, hazy on cold medicine with my super-cute boyfriend is an awesome way to spend an evening, I felt awful.  I’d missed the party!  I’d ruined his evening!  I wanted to make it up, but how?

New Year’s Day is superstition in my family:  the way it works is “whatever you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll do the rest of the year.”  I was overjoyed to get booked for a private tour!  On my way home, I stopped at the fancy gourmet deli on Bedford Ave and bought hard cider, a frozen pizza, mango ice cream mochi and set for home determined to have a “do-over” of New Year’s Eve…

Only to spend the whole night coughing and struggling for breath.  Which pretty much brings us up to now.  It’s been a week now that I’ve felt wretched.  My skin feels like tissue paper, my body shakes and sweats, my head is stuffy and I can barely breathe through my mouth (forget the nose! Just forget the nose)!  I’m beyond tired of being sick.  I’ve missed two awesome New Year’s parties, I’m running out of things to watch on Netflix, I haven’t got a decent night’s sleep in a week because I wake up choking and coughing all night.  I’m out of DayQuil, I’m out of ideas, and I’m out of patience!  Hope your New Year is off to a better start than mine!!

6 responses to “I’m Sick of Being Sick!”

  1. Sorry you've been in the snot dumps! I just got over a month long cold (or possibly a couple colds that decided to join together like Voltron or something). Having the crud is noooo fun, especially when it pulls you down or makes you feel you're a party pooper! I have a chronic illness though, so I'm basically sick all the time anyway. When I get even a simple cold though, because my immune system sucks, my body can't fight it off and I end up really sick. Plus, who wants to be sick on top of being sick? AGH. Hope you feel better soon! Happy New Year!

    • OMG my boyfriend had a "cold Voltron" over the summer and it turned into an Upper Respiratory Infection!!! If I don't get better by Wednesday, I'm making an appointment at the cushy walk-in clinic in Chelsea, Manhattan (the one with the terrariums, that takes appointments). I hope it's not that! Oh no sorry to hear – sick on top of sick sounds like the worst. The most awful part for me is not being able to breathe – gasping and coughing – and I feel like a dork because this is like, asthma, and I should be thankful for being relatively healthy that this (knock wood) will pass, but for some it's their whole life. Thanks for kicking my ass into some perspective!! happy New Year!

  2. I know the feeling! I started working with 3 & 4 year olds in September. Starting in late October, I got 2 colds back to back and then a sinus infection around Christmas. I'm just starting to feel better. Feel better soon!

    • OH NO SINUS INFECTION CHRISTMAS!! Being sick for Christmas sounds like the pond-scum WORST. I worked with kids last year (11-12) and weirdly enough I did not get sick – but I was fastidious about hand sanitizer!!

  3. Oh girl. I've been sick, but you sound like you've been ILL. I am so sorry that it's been so bad! Here's to a better year with better health after we kick this shit. 😀

    • Ughghghhg nothing worse than starting the new year sick! I'm clinking little plastic NyQuil cups with you. I feel like it's on the way out, but I'm still annoyed that it ruined my party plans!

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