Currently… in December 2015

FEELING:  A little sad that open tour season is going to be over soon, and when it ends comes the beastly winter weather.  I love working the tours, I feel like I’m really good at it by now, it’s totally my jam, and taking a hiatus from that is so sad to me!

WATCHING:  I just saw the documentary The Waiting Room, and it was jarring.  I’ve also been watching Aussie Ladette to Lady, to keep up last month’s highbrow-lowbrow theme! 

LISTENING TO:  I’m not even going to pretend this hasn’t been going on for a month already, but as soon as my boyfriend leaves the house, it’s Christmas Carols, big time!!

READING:  Mostly other blogs.  I’ve kind of zeroed in on my niche, now I want to network with others in my niche, but I am having a hard time finding them.  I love reading other blogs in general, but it’s even more fun when you find someone you just go “YES! SHE GETS IT!”

THINKING ABOUT:  Choosing Joy.  That’s been my mantra since halfway through November when I decided to allow myself to enjoy Christmas.  It’s a hard season with a lot of family-related stress, bringing up difficult memories, and on top of that it’s generally considered “uncool” to get excited about the holidays.  Jaded New Yorkers!  Add my lack of religion and discomfort with the crazy fundamentalist Christians and it can get to be too much.  But instead, I’m focusing on choosing to have joy at the season.  I’m excited for tinsel and music and cookies and lights.  Bring it on!

EATING:  Tentatively.  I started feeling nauseous mid-day after eating a late breakfast, and wasn’t sure what caused the upset: the food I’d eaten, the time, whatever. 

John Lennon day, singing around Strawberry Fields.  And yeah, Christmas too.

MAKING ME HAPPY:  Carols and old movies, the warm weather, hikes through the woods, the Holiday Spirit!

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