How Do You Deal With Trolls?

Haters, to the left!  It seems there are some people out there who never learned how to politely disagree with other human beings!  And now that the Internet has made us a Global Community, people are able to voice their opinions out loud and proud for everyone to hear! Sadly,[…]

QUIZ! What Social Media Are You?

These five simple questions will help you determine your Social Media SOULMATE!!! 1.  You meet three of your best friends for brunch!  Yay!  What do you spend the meal doing? a.  Filling everyone in on which of your friends are pregnant or engaged b.  Cracking witty observational quips about the[…]

Sunday Stealing: Big Bad Meme

Hello, Sunday Stealers!  This week was, not gonna lie, brutal.  I got a tetanus booster on Monday and my arm is STILL SORE.  Things have just been down and not great lately, but they’re picking up and Look!  I dressed up!  I personally think I look like I’m playing Abigail[…]

What Are Your Sick Day Must-Haves?

Ugh, you guys, I feel awful.  It started with a crashing headache and nausea yesterday, now I can’t stop sneezing and I’m leaving a slime trail of boogers everywhere I go (which is to say, on my couch).  I haven’t felt this wretched in so long, I forgot how to[…]

How I Got My Halloween Costume For Free

Pre-tour selfie on Halloween Eve!  Look at that grin! It’s been a week since Halloween and I just don’t know how to go on.  Really.  Halloween is the highlight of my year:  being a tour guide for Ghosts, Murders and Mayhem Walking Tours (best job EVAR) means that Halloween is[…]

What Was Your Childhood Nickname?

Every adult who was ever a child has a story of how they got a stupid nickname.  I wanna hear yours. When I was a teenager, my baby brother (we’re nine years apart!) called me “Castle-head” because I was tall and easy to spot in a crowd.  Touchy tall teenagers[…]

Seven Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I knew I’d be suffering from 5 Fandom Friday withdrawal today, and it just didn’t feel right not to post a list of things I love on a Friday.  SO!  Inspired by so many other awesome “My Favourite Instagram Accounts To Follow” posts, I thought I’d share some Insta-love for[…]

Unprotected Love

You play it safe and practice Protected Sex, but do you also practice Protected Love?  I know I do. Dating is often referred to as a “game.”  It’s easy to imagine it like a back-and-forth game of catch with your heart.  You keep putting yourself out there, hoping your partner[…]

Are You Blogging For All The Wrong Reasons???

Following the bombshell reactions to Essena O’Neill leaving social media (and prompted by this blogging e-course I’m taking via The Nectar Collective), I have really started to wonder, “Am I blogging for all the wrong reasons?” Essena says she turned to social media looking for fame and approval.  She says[…]

Soup-er Bowl

Now that our World Series hopes have been dashed, we can finally focus on FOOTBALL SEASON!  Me?  I used to feign excitement over football in high school, during marching band, when sitting through games was part of the deal.  After trying (and failing!) to get boys to pay attention to[…]

Re-Consider These Jobs for Desperate Unemployed Go-Getters!

You’re driven!  You’re talented!  You’re a self-motivated, self-described “overachiever”!  You’re currently unemployed.  You’re still passionate about finding a job where you can put your skills to work, live your best life, create something you can be proud of and be rewarded for your attention to detail and zeal for perfection! […]

Currently… in November 2015

FEELING:  A little bit under the weather, but I may just be hungover as I write this!  Halloween was such a blast, and I went out for a drink after my tour with my boyfriend and friend and may have overdone it…ughhh… I do have a clean bill of health[…]