What Are Your Sick Day Must-Haves?

Ugh, you guys, I feel awful. 

It started with a crashing headache and nausea yesterday, now I can’t stop sneezing and I’m leaving a slime trail of boogers everywhere I go (which is to say, on my couch). 

I haven’t felt this wretched in so long, I forgot how to deal! 

So I’m taking it to the internet to ask you all, What are your sick day must-haves? 

–  What vitamins and medicines do you swear by? 
–  What tea makes you feel warm and happy inside and out? 
–  What soup is best for what ails ya? 
–  What Netflix do you stream? 

Please help me out here, I’m moderately uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do about it (besides whine on the Internet!)!!


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