Currently… in November 2015

FEELING:  A little bit under the weather, but I may just be hungover as I write this!  Halloween was such a blast, and I went out for a drink after my tour with my boyfriend and friend and may have overdone it…ughhh… I do have a clean bill of health from my doctor though!

  I’ve gone back to my dark roots and watching reality TV dating shows.  I’m talking Rock of Love Bus, Daisy of Love, ugh.  Terrible stuff.  I enjoy it as levity though, while I’m doing other things!  And I intersperse those with deeply sad documentaries.  It’s called “balance”! 

LISTENING TO:  Well, my favourite album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, just turned 20 last month!  It’s so great to appreciate it now again.  I’m also – surprise – really enjoying The Talking Heads and Stop Making Sense.  No new music discoveries this month, just rehashing the old stuff.  Also – Christmas music.  I will probably get sick of it by Nov. 15th, but hey.

READING:  I started reading the Life As We Knew It series and I don’t know if I want to continue.  I love/hate it.  I love it because it’s eerie, devastating, and intense, and I kind of hate it for the same reasons.  The end of the world freaks me out sooo much, but I’m really invested in the characters!  I think I’ll have to read the rest of the series to make sure they come out okay.

WORKING ON:  Writing the crap out of this blog, can’t you tell?!  I’ve been making myself crazy trying to post EVERY SINGLE DAY and I think woah, I gotta step back and chill a little bit.  I was feeling bursts of creativity every day and churning out amazing posts (oh thank you, I’ll take that compliment, ME) and being witty and amazing and DAMN.  I think I blew a gasket.  I need to ratchet back and be realistic about what I can be capable of.  THAT SAID, I am totally attempting NaBloPoMo sooooo we’ll see how that goes!

THINKING ABOUT:  Giving Standup Comedy a try!!!  I was convinced that I need to try it by some friends, and I’m working on some jokes and finding a good open mic night to try it out!  Wish me luck!!

EATING:  Raw spinach…and quesadillas.  Far too much coffee to be okay.  I neeeeeed to scale back my caffeine intake, for real. 

Getting the office set up, wearing my blue fur coat around town, and the first snow!  But ONLY the first snow, any snows after that can just…

MAKING ME HAPPY:  Halloween hangover – the post-Halloween fun times!  Weekend brunches and cooking at home, scented candles and Twitter chats, blog comments!  Going out on weeknights!  SCARVES!!!


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  1. I love how much you've been blogging and you totally deserve all the compliments about witty entertaining posts! Also your faux fur coat is amazing AND omg we are such kindred spirits- I've been thinking about giving stand up a try too! The idea totally terrifies me, I NEED to just face my fear and get my ass in front of a mic!

    1. Thank you soooo much! Thank you personally for turning me on to #NaBloPoMo – I'm so excited to do this and I never would have known about it if it weren't for you! If you want someone to go to open mics with, I will go along and support you if you do the same for me! We can enable each other, ha ha!!

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