Soup-er Bowl

Now that our World Series hopes have been dashed, we can finally focus on FOOTBALL SEASON!  Me?  I used to feign excitement over football in high school, during marching band, when sitting through games was part of the deal.  After trying (and failing!) to get boys to pay attention to me by asking them to explain football, I pretty much gave up and resigned myself to zoning out until the halftime shows.

Therefore, as an indoor kid (whuddup introverts), my fall sport is learning how to cook delicious, easy soups that make enough for leftovers – or to share with more “indoor kids”! 

I’ve been personally collecting soup recipes to try for WEEKS and I’m so excited to taste the results!  Tell me what you want me to make:

My all-time favourite Pumpkin Curry is easy to make, has very few ingredients, and is basically foolproof.  Depending on how CrAzY you are, you can double up on the spices and it’ll be ATOMIC!

Jasmin Charlotte made Black Bean Soup – which is MY FAVOURITE KIND OF SOUP! – so I can’t wait to try out this recipe SOON!

Hey Natalie Jean posted a Pepperpot Soup recipe that looks simple enough, even for me!

I love some butternut squash, and I have an immersion blender that rarely sees the light of day, so this recipe for Spiced Curried Butternut Squash Soup by Rachel Anne Bee of The Illustrated Teacup is definitely going to get a try on my stovetop soon!

You can never go wrong with a chili, and Shannon at The Glowing Fridge has a fabulous chili recipe I actually made last night!  I doubled down on the spices and the quinoa because I love texture and I love heat!  That’s pictured at top – can you even with such a hearty chili?  Because I can not.  Careful sailor, don’t fall in:

GIVE ME MORE SOUP RECIPES!  If you’ve blogged a soup, link me to it!  I’ll try anything!  (I’ll replace the meat with beans and the noodles with GF corn pasta, but I’ll try it!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing my link. I actually also posted a mexican soup on my Hello November post and oh my gosh it is simply the best soup ever! I'm so obsessed with home made soups!

    Rach //

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