Currently…in April 2015

FEELING:  Confused beyond words!  I’m so uncertain of what my future should be like.  It’s almost completely crippling!  But I’m really upbeat about it!

WATCHING:  I’ve been eagerly awaiting each new RuPaul’s Drag Race and devouring the entire Broad City!

LISTENING TO:  Lots of bouncy new wave, especially Morissey!

READING:  I started Love in the Time of Cholera again and I’m totally loving it!  Also, my friend turned me onto the new run of Wonder Woman which I absolutely adored.

WORKING ON:  Nothing major just figuring out what to do with the rest of my life and all that, no big deal.

THINKING ABOUT:  taking risks.

EATING:  Trader Joe’s Hummus Medley rules my life right now.  I’ve continued making pickles and recently perfected homemade YUZU ice cream!
LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Summer?  Summer vacation?  I’m really excited to get back into giving ghost tours again.

MAKING ME HAPPY:  Weekends in Brooklyn, warmer temps and Spring Break woo-hoo!

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