Almond Joy

So I’m on a total almond kick lately, apparently.  Remember this trail mix

Well, I have to say, Salted Roasted Almonds from Trader Joe’s are THA BOMB.  I can’t stop eating these suckers!  They will be the death of me.

Well, it would surprise nobody to learn that I’m not having a great time lately.  December is depressing, working retail during Shopsmastime is depressing, and I don’t want to jinx anything but there’s also some bad stuff looming on the horizon.  So to cheer up, I’ve been taking long solo walks after work to clear my sinuses head (seriously, runny nose much?) and treating myself to the things I need anyway.  An orange.  New shampoo.  And oh yes, coffee.

Coffee shopping at West Side Market is an ORDEAL.  They have the cheapest and coolest selection of flavored coffees in the city.  First, one must smell the bags until one is MOVED.  Then, the whole beans are transferred to the grinder and you spend seven minutes grinding your beans in-store while inhaling deeply and moaning with joy, just quieter than the grinder sounds, to be, you know, a lady.

This past Tuesday, I was SO IN LOVE with a new flavor I’d never tried before:  Amaretto.  Even the name smacks of drizzly warm afternoons wandering lost in Venice…the smell was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it.  Amaretto was The One.

Curious, I looked it up on the internet:


Sometimes you feel like a nut.
Sometimes you are nuts.
Nuts for Almonds.

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