Currently… in January 2018


FEELING:  INCREDULOUS. That it is. 2018. How is this even possible? I know that time is a construct, but this construct feels imPOSSIBLE! Wow, who would have thought? I have to say, I am actually happier now than I thought I could possibly be, back in 2017? I’m ready to start 2018 with a huge weight off my shoulders.


WATCHING: Ok so you know all those terrible “Christmas movies” that Netflix has been churning out? YEAH THOSE. I’ve been really busy at the studio lately, so I haven’t really been watching much TV or YouTub on purpose, but I’m sooooo excited for The Bachelor to return to TV this week! 


LISTENING TO:  I don’t even know who I am anymore, because I signed up for a Spotify Premium trial and, I kind of love it?? I’m also trying Netflix for free, but I really think I might cancel it, because I just scroll through and never find anything I want to watch on the ‘flix, but being able to download playlists and songs to my phone to listen to in the subway has really changed the game for me this month! I have been enjoying Motown, 70s ballads, and Fiona Apple’s Tidal this month, as well as Iron Butterfly’s “Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida”!


READING:  My therapist prescribed Facing Love Addiction by Pia Mellody, and I’m working my way through it with a highlighter and making notes in the margin.


WORKING ON:  I have been SOOOO busy at the workshop all December long, and things are still in full swing over there!


THINKING ABOUT:  Getting into a routine, walking a new path, what to do with myself NOW. I’m thinking a lot about resolutions, maybe because it’s January, maybe because I have finally come to accept this blank slate I’ve been handed, maybe it’s the full moon? I know, I know, I’m charging my crystals.


EATING:  I have a microwave! Gosh, I missed the microwave. I’ve been making taquitos in the microwave, frozen entrees in the microwave, heating up my coffee in the microwave! I’ve kind of gotten a boring routine as to what I eat: a packet of prepared food or can of soup in the morning with coffee, a LARABAR at the studio when I realize I’m famished (and trying not to get glue or fiberglass in it in the process), and dinner is usually half of a salad from the deli down the street or yet more cans of soup/packet of prepared food. It’s fine.


LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Well, January is such a long stretch of nothing, isn’t it? Tours have slowed to a halt (at the moment), there’s no holidays on the horizon… I guess I can say I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I LOOOOOOVE VALENTINE’S DAY. This one stands to be pretty sad, since I’m pretty single, but I still REALLY LOVE Valentine’s Day in stores. I know, corny, right? Christmas in stores makes me kind of sad, but all the RED and HEARTS makes me happy? It’s weird. Roll with it. I’m looking forward to working more. There’s going to be a sequel to the Women’s March at the end of this month, I’m looking forward to that.   


MAKING ME HAPPY:  I am making a conscious effort to wear more of my jewelry and mix it up with my outfits, it’s putting thought into something that makes me happy to think about. I have been decorating my winter coat (the giant, stonewashed denim thing you saw me doodle in this post) with patches and it’s suuuuuper cool. I hate to admit this, but getting that deal on Spotify Premium has been A GAME CHANGER, because I can pick whatever music I want to listen to on the subway on my way to work and download it to my phone without having to BUY all the songs, and switch it up EVERY DAY. Damn, Spotify! I might just have to shell out for a subscription after all.

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  1. The Bachelor is a show I always have to watch–one of the reasons being I talk about it later with my nanny (grandmother). You can already tell Chelsea is going to be the villain, right? Of course since she shares my name. Whatevs.

    I have been listening to a lot of Jackson Browne and Jethro Tull lately, but you reminded me how much I miss listening to that Iron Butterfly song. Another song I have on repeat is “Jackie Wilson Said” by Van Morrison.

    I hope you have a great new year! One thing I wanted to share about Valentine’s Day…I have been single for years, and even though I don’t have many “IRL” friends, I like making them cards and getting them a bouquet of flowers. Kind of a Galentine’s Day sort of thing, but we don’t always go through the whole “getting nails done, go out for brunch, and take a trip to the Bahamas” shabang.

    Either way, like I said, hope you have a good new year! 🙂

    • Oh yeah, Chelsea (Bachelor Chelsea) is TOTALLY the villain. they’re gonna keep her around long enough to have a “dramatic” two-on-one and that’s so obvious. I’ve been thinking about sending funny Valentine’s to everyone who sent me Christmas cards because I was too buried under work and angst to get Christmas cards out this year. Like cute jokey ones, to everyone who sent me a card that I definitely appreciated but was too slow to reciprocate at the time. I think that will be fun.

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