I Say Hey, What’s Going On?


Well, I disappeared! I hate when really consistent bloggers just up & “disappear” on me, and I always take it personally (HA!). If you took my absence personally and demand to know where I’ve been when I’m not blogging, here’s what’s going on:


Last weekend, I hopped on a train. Like, an all-day Amtrak train! I shuffled off to Buffalo to visit my family! Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins…it was like, half of my extended family up there, all at once. We did it all — bowling, mini golf, birthday, shopping. It was a whirlwind two days, not counting the two full days I spent on 10-hour train rides.

That photo up there is me, at Adventure Landing, our family’s favorite mini golf course! It’s a tradition to go play a couple rounds at this three-course-with-arcade-attached paradise! The bittersweet part of this trip is that it may be one of the last. The family I have in Buffalo is all moving away, and while Buffalo has been my “home” and “where the family is” for my entire life — I mean, it’s where I was born! — that is all about to change. This visit was so lovely, which made it all that much harder to come to terms with the fact that I’ll never “go home” again.

Let’s face it: nothing in life is certain. We never know what curveballs will be thrown at us. But when you see the ball coming, you have a lot of time to worry and fret and work yourself up about it. I’m glad I had the chance to create the wonderful memories I did on this last trip, but I’m also sad because I’m already viewing them through the lens of change and upheaval.


Then, as soon as I came back, we hit the ground running again in the studio! I love the challenge of this creative work. Then, when I come home, I’ve been working on writing assignments and giving walking tours.


Today’s my weekend day (I worked yesterday and I’m working tomorrow), and my therapist told me on Wednesday that I should do something for myself this week. SO! I re-potted most of my succulents, touched up my roots on the blonde side of my head, and went grocery shopping because I had no food in the house! I treated myself to my favorite pre-bagged salad at the grocery store, and now I’m watching Food Network Star and sippin’ some vinho verde, trying to catch up on blogging — sorry! I’m planning on shaving my legs and doing a mani-pedi as well as chopping up veggies for the week, so I’m all ready to dive right back in on Monday!


So, that’s what’s been going on. I kind of have, like, emotional whiplash from the past week. But you know what? I met all my deadlines, I pushed myself to perfection in everything I created this week (studio work, writing, and my excellent tour), and I’m proud of myself for keeping my eyes on the road. I’m ready for what comes next. And hey. That’s what’s going on.

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