My Favorite “Woo Woo Hippy Doo” iPhone Apps


Dream Journal Ultimate

I have been using Dream Journal Ultimate for over a year now. It’s honestly the most reliable part of my morning routine! Before I started journaling my dreams, I maybe remembered one or two dreams a month — now, I sometimes remember up to 3 different dreams a night! In the past year, I think there have been less than a handful of times I haven’t remembered my dream to be able to type it into the app when I first wake up. If you’re interested in dreams, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, or even ridding yourself of troubling nightmares, DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I’ve had less nightmares & more restful sleep since I’ve started dream journaling, and it’s even given me a lot of insight into my subconscious.


Mystic Mondays Tarot

This was my first Tarot app, and I still love the artwork. The interpretations of the cards are easy to understand and apply, ad I appreciate all of the work that has gone into this app! This is the second app I open in the morning, and has been since 2017!


Golden Thread Tarot

To be honest, I downloaded this app just to get a “second opinion” when Mystic Mondays gave me a “bad” card. I know I know, there are no “bad” cards! And these are ALL cute. You can save the cards to local storage, if you pull a card of particular significance, and I like that this app encourages interaction and reflection — which, to me, is the entire POINT of Tarot? I do think this app is clean and very pretty, and it’s the THIRD thing I open in the morning (after Dream Journal Ultimate and Mystic Mondays).


Co-Star Personalized Astrology

Astrology nerds LOVE this app! I must confess, I have only a beginner’s understanding of astrology (I have my whole chart in my phone, and know the first 5 placements, but not really what they mean?) Because of this, the horoscopes are vague and a bit scant, but the push notifications are the real winner with this app! Once a day, I get a push notification on my phone from Co-Star which comes like a prophesy: a short phrase that sets a tone for my day and is at once uplifting and profound. I’m gonna be real, I don’t always open the app for my daily horoscope… but I do look forward to those notifications every day!


Astro Guide by VICE

So I’ve already been a daily user (abuser?) of the VICE horoscopes written by Annabel Gat, so when I saw that VICE had created a whole-ass app for horoscopes, you know I downloaded it right away! This app focuses mainly on your Sun and Rising signs, which for me, are both Leo. If you want content related to your Moon sign, you have to pay for premium features (I do not pay). However, what I really like about this app is the Rising Sign content! Every day, there’s a new little tidbit like a recommendation of a crystal to use that day, or a suggestion for an activity (one was sitting in a high-backed wooden chair) related to my rising sign. I’ve never seen this before in any other site or app, and I love being told what to do to fix myself! I think very basic-level intro-beginners will find this app really interesting and useful. It’s not too basic, but it is a quick daily check-in that spell out for you exactly what you need to know, in no uncertain terms.



This is the newest one for me. I downloaded it after I saw it advertised on Instagram! I like that it’s interactive, even though I haven’t completely grasped how I enjoy best interacting with it. The basic daily use for me involves what feels like a text conversation with a personal astrologer, a series of clicks that leads me through horoscope, trivia, and even my daily “power emoji,” which I think is really cute! Their Instagram is not only great advertising, but a pretty awesome zodiac-themed meme account: clean and serious, but very cool. I confess I have learned some pretty interesting things from their Instagram, and I look forward to exploring this app more!!



Ok now that I’ve showed you mine, please please please show me yours! What woo woo hippy doo apps are you using/loving that I haven’t heard of yet? Please let me know in the comments!




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