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  • My Favorite “Woo Woo Hippy Doo” iPhone Apps

    My Favorite “Woo Woo Hippy Doo” iPhone Apps

      Dream Journal Ultimate I have been using Dream Journal Ultimate for over a year now. It’s honestly the most reliable part of my morning routine! Before I started journaling my dreams, I maybe remembered one or two dreams a month — now, I sometimes remember up to 3 different dreams a night! In the…

  • “Outsourcing Adulthood” Doesn’t Cut It

    “Outsourcing Adulthood” Doesn’t Cut It

      Every week, I swear, I read a new smear piece on why “Millennials,” aka human beings aged 23-38, are not doing it right. This article on The Cut stands out because its author is actually a Millennial, so you think they wouldn’t be so quick to hop on the self-loathing Millennial train, but it’s not just that that makes…